The Mandalorian | Official Trailer

yooooOOOOOOOOOOOO :heart_eyes:


Not to mention it’s now official, Ewan Mcgregor has signed up to be Obi-Wan in a new TV series.


Do you think having an anti-hero as the protagonist is going to work for the series? I’m a fan of the spin off movies (yes, I even enjoyed Solo more than TLJ and TFA) but I’m still a little doubtful about this…


well, isn’t han solo the perfect example of the anti-hero whom everybody loves? same with the guy from serenity/firefly and the guy from guardians of the galaxy?

seems like sci-fi is full of good examples of that

it could even be argued that kirk is a bit of an anti-hero in the remakes (never liked the series so wouldn’t know how he was in those)


Well, I can see your point, and I haven’t seen the animated series which add to the lore, but could you honestly put Fett and Solo (and Kirk, Reynolds and Quill) within the same morality bubble?

(I know the titular character isn’t Fett…)


well, Reynolds certainly goes with the first 2, and Quill rly wouldn’t be far off either if they didn’t reign him in, i feel, lol, he could easily be just the same as them

i guess that leaves Kirk out

r u insinuating Fett would be so much worse than the others? how so though? he just has a different career path imo, lol, one that involves more killing by default, but the others aren’t above that when it comes to it either, and i dont think their personal morals would have come in the way of taking that career path either had it come to that (except for Kirk, yeah, possibly, i mean, imagine he didnt make it to star fleet or whatever it’s called, he could easily have taken a turn for the worst as well i feel)

basically im saying the difference in the actions they might perform is not necessarily driven by what is within them but rather by the situation they find themselves in, and if the situation would be identical, the actions would probably be quite similar, which means i do put them in the same bubble

lets leave kirk out of it though

u know, if anything, at least Fett can tell himself that he’s just doing his job and following orders (LOL), while some of these others are basically just criminals who lie, cheat, steal, and kill to satisfy their thirst for wealth. In a twisted way, he brings order while these others bring chaos.

can u fault Fett for going after Solo on The Hutt’s orders because Solo doesn’t pay his debts? can u even fault The Hutt for that?

when it comes down to it, Fett is the only upstanding citizen here (assuming bounty hunting is not illegal in the Star Wars universe, and why would it be?) while these other men are criminals (stealing, smuggling), liars, and killers

actually, i just googled it, lol:


Erm hmm. I really wish to be excited about this and i would most likely watch it but after how mediocre recent star wars movies there ( both main line and spinoffs ) i’m not going as much ‘woooooooh’ as i would normally do about Star Wars property.


so u wanna be hyped, but yr not as hyped as u would normally have been

(lol, sry just being stupid cuz we had a discussion about hype and now yr talking about hype without saying the word hype)



In my perfect world. :exploding_head:…There is ONLY 3 movies about Star Wars.

That. Is. ALL. :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


btw, i think someone mentioned an animated series somewhere where Boba Fett is quite present; would that be in the clone wars series, or is it somewhere else?


Clone wars I do believe. I know he has at least one arc in the later seasons.


maybe i’ll watch that some day then; i did start once and watched the 2 or 3 first episodes but it seemed quite boring and generic (though I’ve always been a huge SW fan)


To be fair I’ve never watched it through either. I’ve watched some of the first season and wasn’t invested. I’ve heard only good things about the later seasons and how good they are for their characters and the like.


I, for one, do not like this trend of, ‘Here is a character people already like, now lets make a movie about how much you should like them’. I don’t think Solo added anything more to the character of Han Solo, and I am worried this will be a film of self indulgent reveling.

Like that short story in ‘Tales of the Bounty Hunters’ where (if my addled memory recalls correctly) Fett is invited to be in Han Solo’s wedding during a stand-off with Solo.


it’s more a trend of ‘let’s milk all these IPs for every last drop possible, so exploit every possibly opportunity to create additional products’ for ppl to spend cash on

and it’s only going to get worse imo


To be fair this isn’t Boba, just a new Mandalorian. Which I think is how it should be. New characters to expand out the universe is what Star Wars really needs.


I am interested to see just how different this character is from either of the Fetts. Not many folks in Starwars wear Mandalorian armor, and I don’t know if they are going to do much with the character.

Neither of the Fetts had much more established character than, ‘lookit this broody dude in cool armor, aww yeah he’s got gadgets! Ah snap he’s dead.’

Until I see evidence this character will travel in a new direction, I am betting they too will follow the arch of the Fett’s.


That’s true, but the expanded universe Fetts were pretty amazing. They had some pretty great parts in books as well as characters, although I wish we would have seen more of that in the movies. Same with the Mandalorians in general.

I could be wrong but this series seems like it’s gonna be pretty character driven. With that in mind I still have high hopes for it.


Come on Disney just give me a Keanu Reeves as Darth Revan movie. You guys will make tons of money even if the script is shit.


True, but a lot of that is not cannon any more…

In fact, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if ‘The Mandalorian’ was a re-purposed compilation of the expanded universe stuff about the Fetts, put together into some amalgamation.

@Animosity I forget, is Darth Revan still cannon? If so, why isn’t this a thing yet?