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The Mandalorian | Official Trailer


At one point it was considered canon but not anymore. I mean one can only dream tho considering the last jedi is pretty much canon and that was the equilvalent of GoT season 8. Cough * Princess Leia sucked out into space and goes into superman flight mode using the force* Cough


It took me a lot of self-control not to just stand up , throw my drink at the screen and leave the cinema then i saw that scene…


I’m not sure on that status of KOTOR or SWTOR being canon, like Animosity said I think it was relegated to “legends” status. but I have heard rumors that following Rise of Skywalker we will get something from the Old Republic era. So we can dream about a Revan movie but nothing yet.


Screw it, I want a HK-47 movie.


James Spader could fit as the voice actor for HK47 since he already did Ultron.