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The Mandalorian | Official Trailer


At one point it was considered canon but not anymore. I mean one can only dream tho considering the last jedi is pretty much canon and that was the equilvalent of GoT season 8. Cough * Princess Leia sucked out into space and goes into superman flight mode using the force* Cough


It took me a lot of self-control not to just stand up , throw my drink at the screen and leave the cinema then i saw that scene…


I’m not sure on that status of KOTOR or SWTOR being canon, like Animosity said I think it was relegated to “legends” status. but I have heard rumors that following Rise of Skywalker we will get something from the Old Republic era. So we can dream about a Revan movie but nothing yet.


Screw it, I want a HK-47 movie.


James Spader could fit as the voice actor for HK47 since he already did Ultron.





@dusty looks so good! I’m excited for it.

You going to get the service and watch it?


I heard Bill Burr was in The Mandalorian. I’m so curious as to what his character is since he’s an angry comedian in real life. But nonviolent. The only thing tough about him is his bald head. I can’t wait to see what the directors made him do.

Maybe he’s comedic relief. I hope the movie is good.


well, I managed to finally watch all of it, and i must say that seasons 4 and 5 were exceptional, to the point that it didn’t even feel like i was watching a TV cartoon

I’ve now started watching the Resistance thing, and I must say that though it’s quite basic and some things just don’t make much sense at all, I do somewhat enjoy it


From what I’ve heard and clips i’ve seen (again haven’t watched it), the later seasons of resistance are also really good.


there’s only 1 season though, but it does have a gay owl, for whoever’s into that :joy:

oh, wait, u meant the original, right? I have to check that out to, if i can find it, lol

but no, there is no original series for that, i think, i think that’s clone wars as well that has an older one


Nope got totally confused, I meant rebels :upside_down_face:


ooh, gonna look for that too


it’s kinda(?) a direct sequel.


to the clone wars? awesome. I’ll check it out once im done with resistance, lol


I don’t know why I’m so bad at providing context. Yep it’s a Clone Wars follow up, and is quite well done too.


nah, it’s me, dude, doing 10 things at the same time, and i should be just focusing on my work atm :joy:


@Vindace done watching star wars resistance, started very meh, even worse than first episodes of clone wars, became better in second quarter, pretty good in third, and then very good by the end

started watching star wars rebels, immediately rly good, i must say, vry engaging with likable cast and story arch, getting close to end of first season

thx a lot for pointing this out :crazy_face:


you got it! Glad you liked it. Mandalorian is getting close!!!