The Late 2018 / Early 2019 Hype Thread (and Artifact debate i guess lol)

It’s been a while… and oh boy is this year packed with ACTUALLY GOOD RELEASES.

What are y’all losing your minds over?

My list consists of the following:

  • RE2 Remake (People who aren’t endlessly hyped about this aren’t worth talking to, from my experience)
  • DMC5 (ignoring the new Dante theme, there’s not a single thing I find even remotely worrying about the * game. Start your HD Collection marathons… now!), ZoE2: M∀RS (full VR support, completely went under my radar somehow and released half a month ago!)
  • Crackdown 3 (…on second thought, Biomutant, you’re doing fine)
  • Psychonauts 2 (see above)
  • Phoenix Point (XCOM by the X-COM guy, with lovecraft mutant monsters and taking notes from XCOM)
  • Gears 5 (it’s ACTUALLY HAPPENING!)
  • Gears Tactics (I don’t know much about it, but on paper an XCOM style Gears of War game literally sounds like the perfect game. We’ll see!)
  • Darksiders III (can’t wait to find Strife’s third gun!)

Total Cost: Way more than I can hope to afford

Edit 1:

Alright, start dropping your hype list!


I wouldn’t say I’m losing my mind over anything BUT I would be real happy if KH3 actually came out this time around, I’m still not convinced it is.
And yeah DMC5 is also pretty damn exciting.


I’m pretty stoked for Above

… and Below


I’d say it looks average


Nice sandwich.


Don’t know if I rubbed this in enough faces yet, but I try not to buy video games anymore and my PC can’t run most things I want to play, so I completely lost track of what’s coming out and don’t care that much.

Of course some news reach me anyway with Steam’s features, games I’ve followed or wishlisted years ago and from forums like this one and I am pretty salty that I can’t run the Resident Evil 2 remake, but mostly that they got rid of fixed camera angles. That’s all I have for this thread.


I was keeping an eye out for that but then this came to my attention last night:

Single Player, Microtransactions… No thanks.


Why is no one mentioning Cyberpunk2077!!!

and that Sekiro game looks really good, a nice change from the souls game.

Also, some of the ones you mentioned…


Just played through this, I had written my review, posted in my other thread. Really good, wish it were longer…


I’m pretty sure Cyberpunk isn’t coming this year or early 2019 :wink: But I agree, that’s a game I’m looking forward to.


I thought about Cyberpunk but it’ll probably be early 2020 before that releases, at least.

Then i remembered the HYPEST thing happening next year!

I’ll never forget Pat’s(from Super Best Friends) reaction when that brickwall shattered. :joy:


i would like to lose my mind over some upcoming games but i own low spec laptop, so any even remotely new title is out of the reach for me :frowning:


CD Projekt Red has said in some interview that they hope to release it somewhere in 2019, so here’s hoping, although if they end up needing more time to make it good, then so be it.

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My backlog is already massive! Slow down with the good games :sob:

But anyways, here’s a few games I’m excited for

This looks like a weird puzzle game taking place in an alternate reality internet!

The artstyle and lack of characters were two of my gripes for the original, and this looks like it will fix those issues!

Japanese Dark Souls with grappling hooks? Hell yeah!

ᵒʰ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵐᵃˢʰ ᵇʳᵒˢ ˡᵒᵒᵏˢ ⁿᵉᵃᵗ ᶦ ᵍᵘᵉˢˢ


Eh. 4 Special Edition had microtransactions too.

I get why someone would be CONCERNED about them, but instead of concern I’m seeing zero-research hate from “fans” that watched the e3 trailer and thought they were looking at DmC’s sequel.

It’ll be fine!

Also, I feel all my low-end bros here… I’ve been through that whole thing. I have a computer myself that’s very much capable of running these games, BUT with the caveat that I don’t have the kind of spare money for that. The only one even remotely in my price range is Zone of the Enders.

Also, take a shot every time I accidentally leave Greedfall off my list.


so, i’m gonna chime in an unsolicited grumpy gnome’s opinion on this

rant inc

MTX in SP is BS, no matter the excuse! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

(dmc4 got mtx after game was made/released, so far dmc5 has them baked in from the start, oh how soon we forget Shadow of War (yea yea i know “diff company”) -point is no company can be trusted to not fck with it when it’s a release “feature”)

and no, fck no, get the fck out any CEO or publicist that tries to spin it as “player choice” or “service”,
if that was the case there’d be 0 reason to charge for something that already exists within the game, -a digital line of code. Fcn just make them cheatcodes then if your game is so shitty people want to skip, or worse need to. There is not a single good reason to charge money for something like that, other than disgusting blatant greed.

and f*******ck anyone, “fan”, customer or otherwise trying to defend such practice, it’s exactly that blind acceptance and compliance that began and fuels the BS machine of butchering games piecemeal to try and hostage it back or adding in one egregious “feature” after another
full priced 60$ games p2w, freemium butchered up dlc fests latent with horsearmor in lootboxes
this should not and never have been accepted so easily by any self-respecting customer much less by fans of a product, and far from defended by said same.

Apple cult brainwashing seem laughable compared to how some game’s lovers defend shitty practices/corporation itself(as if some worthy benign/divine entity), that should rightfully have them up in arms for screwing them over so openly and smug :rage:

back to dmc5, i don’t even care if the mtx turns out to be optional/“good or bad”/meh, the fact they are even there is utterly reprehensible and should have been served as a “good ol’ cheatcode” instead, and i hope to fcn high heavens at least PC gamers will have the decency to not buy into that sht and just cheat engine it or whatever and not reward capcom for further scumfuckery…

paying for gd damn cheatcodes… :triumph:

rant over

(sincerely hope my grumpyness doesn’t spill over and sours anyone’s mood, all you lovlies have a fine day and enjoy the games you like :+1:) :hugs:

PS. “on topic”, i refuse to get “hype” for things these days :thinking:, but i am pretty excited by Darksiders 3 :wink:, and hope it’s super dope. Biomutant looks real neato too, and ofc Phoenix Point is “maybe” something i’d love to be good and then take a stab at :smiley:


I like your passion and, if it wasn’t clear, I’m totally with you on this one. There are many games that I’d like to play in the near future, but I prefer to keep my expectations in check.


Same here. These days i only get hyped for the chance at buying an older game that has already been proven to be good at a great sale price. My backlog is also too long to be concerned with upcoming games anyway.



(I have several others but I’m trying to keep my shit together this time)


Would be nice if steam trading cards all turned into actual playing cards for Artifact.

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