The Last Day of the Coin Shop


Last day folks :blush:

Let the countdown begin…

From where I’m from it’s only nineteen (19) hours left before the Coin Shop and the Spinning Coin icon goes away forever…


my final coin count…


I think we’ve got at least a day left. Tomorrow is June 28th. I thought the shop was going to disappear June 29th. That’s ~41 hours away. (48 - (1746-1100).


I guess its a timezone thing


Yup it’s a timezone thing.

Even before the closure of the Coin Shop, the bi-weekly New Games arrivals is on point on my timezone which is exactly at midnight of every two Fidays… Err, early Saturday. Why did Humanity count 12 midnight as the start of the new day, when setting it to 1AM makes better sense :thinking::roll_eyes:

Anyhoo, only fifteen hours local time left…

If @Pylinaer is right and the Coin Shop will go away on the 30th local time instead. If so, seems to be operating under the same timezone as Steam is on.


that … rly wouldn’t make any sense at all honestly

if we say the new day starts the very second the previous day ended, then the very first second of the first hour is the new day, not 1 hour later…

it’s like the difference between 0 and 1:

0.000000001 can’t be part of 0 anymore; it is past 0, so it is already a part of what will make up the complete 1 later (when 0.999999999 gets added)


Even though it’s up until the 29th, here’s to my last spin ( ;_;)7

Legendary Chest, seems fitting to end where it all began.


I think I like the idea of ending on a nice even number, so I am capping it off here at 900:


Uhm last day, maybe Im lost but will they do something with the shop when they close¿? I mean, never saw an interesting game on the game shop till I saw the news about the close. And the 2 o 3 games I was interested did fly fast. Will they give us another try to get them or is it the end¿?

Sorry for my english XD Its late and right now Im really sleepy


There were a few I found interesting but didn’t have the coins to grab 'em. For example Reverse Crawl, Seeds of Resilience and Camp Slayaway. Camp Slayaway was a major bummer because right after it was made available here on a lot of its DLCs went on sale at Steam :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Bye Bye coin shop! If it weren’t for you I’d never have:

or put in this many hours:


So here’s to the coin shop:

And here’s how it all ends:


It really is the end. They put up the last batch of 5 games which sold out super quick. They then re-released some more keys for Space Beast Terror Fright which also went quickly, but that was it.


I’ll miss the spinning coin. I made this image in honor of the final spin and my final remaining coins.



I know some people have missed some games from the mighty spinning coin, so heres something to commemorate:

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
? = 0 to 9

PS: whoever takes it, please reply, so that others won’t try in vain. thanks.


Stuck on this number. Still can forgive myself that i missed out 29th of may’s games sale.
I was on the whole time but then I decided to watch something.
When servers where back online and I came back it was over.
Still burns :frowning:


I thought I would capture the end of the world… but as it turns out it’s not quite yet.


After my final spin, I’ll say goodbye to all my coins


So I guess the shop closes tommorow? Or the next refresh
Idk what the timezones are


The majestic end of something epic!