The Last Day of the Coin Shop


(dont refresh and you can probably continue spinning)



There’s still a link to ‘how coins work’


I can’t believe it’s the last day for the coin shop. It’s pretty sad. I’ve enjoyed getting free games though with my coins. Some awesome ones too. Especially the last two 5 game coin shop buys, technically 10 games in total coin shop buys. That was unexpected to give away 5 games instead of 3 games TWICE and there were some awesome games in there too! Bye chrono shop! I’ll miss you! :heart:


Bye chrono coin shop, that is


I’ve attacked @frst :angry:


I’ll still come back daily to click a coin that isn’t there. I’ve only been doing it for years now so I’m pretty sure I’m conditioned to keep up the behavior haha.

Pssssh mobile schomobile


Coin shops gone for me already. :’(


Rightmost corner of the shop page feels a little empty now.
Rest in peace, dead coin.


Someone should have saved the coin so all of us could keep clicking it daily to fill that empty void. At least there’s an image of it.


Empty void…

Game Hole confirned…


Shucks, I saw briefly for a few minutes back when the final games were up and the coin shop was getting hit hard and glitching out, there seemed to be a few spots being reserved in the coin store for spending coins on coupons for Chrono shop. They went away by the time the coin shop was back up and running, but I thought they might return later and we might get a chance to spend our last coins on some Chrono shop coupons today or some sort of other surprise. :persevere:


Just came in today and saw that that one golden coin was gone for good from the main page…

Pressed “F” to pay respects. It was good until it lasted.


Here is another key:

The Deed


Awwww. I wasn’t even aware this was going to happen, and then I log in JUST MERE HOURS after it shut down! Didn’t even get to use what coins I had. Major drag.


06/30/20, guess it’s the last day of the website having any meaningful traffic too. RIP Chrono GG.


Says you



If it’s any consolation the coin shop sold out of games weeks ago.