The @kylehayman361 Chrono Memorial Giveaway ❣ CLOSED!!!!



Congrats to the other winner and obviously thanks to @delenn13 @Danacscott for the job and @kylehayman361 for the games


We squirrels love us some peanut butter! ^^


Thank you again @kylehayman361, @delenn13 and @Danacscott!

You have fulfilled my darkest desire. Now I can sucky sucky all night:3


I have one person who has not gotten back to me…


I both, do and do not regret liking that post


I’ve been taking a week to absorb my enjoyment of this.

congrats on everyone who got one.

bliss upon you all.

thank you minions of chaos for planting the seed.
big THANKS to @delenn13 and @Danacscott for helping me reap.

and thank you all for being so beautiful.


I’ve been really enjoying Into the Breach. I would describe it as more like chess than what you might otherwise expect from a kaiju-fighting game!


It’s really good to exercise your brain. Honestly, more people should give this game a try, it’s simple and easy to get into. I still need to get back to it and try getting more achievements. And the OST is really nice too.


Ben Prunty’s music for FTL was also top-tier, so I’m not surprised Subset Games went back to him for Into the Breach!


Yeah Into the breach is super good, highly recommended to anyone who likes a game where you have to puzzle it out a little. In games I got from here I played and finished Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. I enjoyed my time with it, story kind of pulled me through it, gameplay was ok, the traversal stuff was very new Tomb Raider or Uncharted, combat was not that great but serviceable and the tasks involved were varied so as to not make it boring. Interesting take on the Sun Wu Kong story, ending was weird but overall a decent game.


Im glad everyones enjoying their presents :smiley:

nothing makes me happier than seeing good boys play with good toys.