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The Humble Indie Bundle 20


Score! It’s the big 2-0! Humble Indie Bundle 20 is filled with Steam keys and DRM-free builds for Overgrowth, Tangledeep, Among the Sleep - Enhanced Edition, Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, and Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. Plus, your purchase will support a charity of your choice!


All DRM-free titles as well.

Got 2nd tier for $3.22…

The money is really in 1st tier this time around.


Yeah, first time in a while when i bought tier 2 as well. Tier 1 was a must buy for me. :slight_smile:


looked at the prospect of Tooth and Tail for almost only 3bucks(+all the rest), -seemed like a total steal this week :grin:, insta buy for me :blush:


Got the second tier as well but i have dups now…But i don’t care…

As if you scroll down…ALL are DRM FREE Downloads too…And Linux :heavy_heart_exclamation:


T1 looking pretty lit tbh – and Linux is always awesome.


i noticed you have a certain hentai/“s(t)imulator” game on your wishlist :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, you getting tier2 here? :thinking:
-or do you want my spare? :blush: (i’m simply just too afraid to add anything with the tags “dating sim” to my library :rofl:)


I’ll take it if they don’t haha


Oh my!


Tempted by T2 solely for Tooth and Tail but having gone back over some reviews I’m not sure that I should plump for it as just a single player experience.


lol that reminds me i also still have Purrfect Date looming in the deep dark bowels of my humble account :joy:


I’m gonna hack your steam account just so I can add Jurassic Heart and Hatoful Boyfriend. :smile:


Ah getting over it. I devoted way too much time to actually beating that one. Seems to be a really good bundle this time around.


Admitting it. I want Dream Daddy having watched a dude play it on Youtube. Also The First Tree, though I can’t run it. T_T Should be able to run Among the Sleep in Tier 1 and Dream Daddy just fine though.

It’s a really good bundle!


I’m really tempted by Tooth and Tail. But the dating simulator and anger simulator are part of it too. And Tier 1 looks ok. I’ll have to sleep on it.


Really worth it in my opinion to push for tier 2! I think I might! For that Tooth and Tail game, which was recommended to me and I have since wanted to try! :smiley:


I got Tier 2 for 3.44. I have been wanting to play tooth and tail and getting over it for awhile now, the fact that it is all drm free does not hurt either. Paying an extra 6.22 for Overgrowth is worth it if you dont have it and want to play it. I already own it and it was pretty good. I played the first campaign and it took about 4 hours, i do know there is more stuff to do tho, plus mods.

Also are any of the tier 1 games worth playing?


Only interested in Tier 1, ideal scenario haha

Tooth and Tail was on my wishlist until I recently read some reviews which made it all sound very boring and tedious sooo…


Once I saw the gameplay it was a nah way, no matter what price. The last stealth game I played was Winback and boy did I suck at it, lol


Alrighty, I got Tier 2. I really want to try Tooth and Tail and Tangledeep. :relaxed: