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The Humble Indie Bundle 20


I got the $1 tier for The First Tree.


It’s pretty different from Tooth and Tail but that game reminded me about a different game. Does anyone remember DarkMaus?


I guess it is YouTube’s fault, but I want Dream Daddy in my Steam library ._. Never got that pigeon dating simulator, gotta go with this one.


Anybody needs an Among the Sleep steam key? Will happily share mine with somebody who’ll actually put it in the library, PM me.


Tooth and Tail looks lovely!


Tempted for tooth and tail, though atm i got so much to play, so little time hehe (study) and so i may skip on this.
I played it before quite a bit while i had discord nitro (idk what ppl here think of nitro tho lol), its pretty good so I reccommend it to anyone who is thinking of getting it. It gets quite hard tho ack.


I enjoyed Nitro game selection throughout the free month. The only problem with game subscriptions for me is the lack of time; I ended up playing maybe 3 or 4 hours of Nitro games and then the month was over. So while the games were awesome, this deal is not optimal for me. I loved EVERY game I tried, but the schedule doesn’t have space for daily \ regular gaming, so generally I prefer to buy games so that they would be there when I want and have opportunity to play them. Even if it will be just a day or two off because I get sick, and then I won’t play for a month or two again.


no mention of tangledeep yet in this topic ? I was already looking at that game for a while and I’m glad I could add it to my account for $1 :smiley:


Tangledeep could have easily been a tier 2 or 3 game. It’s the game I am most excited about from this bundle, but I had to get the second tier for Tooth and Tail as well.


already owned that, otherwise I would have gone for T2 as well… only one I was a interested in was dream daddy. I got that one for free from a strange on steamgifts.


Tangledeep is good, but boi it’s frustrating to permanently lose a character after hours of exploration