The Gift of Giving: A New Giveaway Raffle Series

Hi and thanks to everyone for the warm welcome to this great community. I’m starting a new giveaway series where I post a handful of games and let you choose your favourites in a sort of raffle system. Here’s how I’m thinking it will work -

  • Each raffle giveaway will feature five (5) games
  • Each entrant receives fifteen (15) tickets, but can only apply up to seven (7) tickets per game
  • Entrants are honourable and should only apply tickets to games they actually want to play, even if this means not all tickets are applied
  • Entrants can potentially win any game they apply at least one (1) ticket
  • Only one (1) entrant will win per game
  • Raffle begins immediately when the post goes up
  • Raffle winners will be announced at 9:00 AM (PDT) the following day, or as close to that time as possible
  • No other restrictions

Given game choices A, B, C, D and E, winners will be decided programatically using RNG -

const input =
  [ entrant ("sally", "a", 0, "b", 7, "c", 0, "d", 5, "e", 3)
  , entrant ("alice", "a", 5, "b", 3, "c", 1, "d", 1, "e", 5)
  , entrant ("bobby", "a", 3, "b", 3, "c", 3, "d", 3, "e", 3)
  , entrant ("ricky", "a", 0, "b", 0, "c", 7, "d", 0, "e", 0)

raffle (input)

Note honourable Ricky who is only wants to play game C. She applies the max of seven (7) tickets to C but does not allocate tickets to other games she is not interested in. Winning for the sake of winning is dishonourable and discouraged. Here’s a possible outcome -

[ { game: "a", winner: "bobby" }
, { game: "b", winner: "sally" }
, { game: "c", winner: "ricky" }
, { game: "d", winner: "alice" }
, { game: "e", winner: "alice" }

Luckily for Ricky, she wins C in this case, but it’s possible that either Alice or Bobby could’ve won and Ricky would be left with nothing.

For the sake of transparency, the raffle program is completely open source. You can view it and run simulations in your own browser by following this link.

I would love for the community to provide some feedback on the idea. Ultimately I’m here to serve you, so adjustments can be made if you speak up! I hope to start the raffle series as early as tomorrow.

I have already hosted two giveaways that have been verified as authentic by other users. However, I am a new user so I’m limited to the number of posts/replies I can make in a day. I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated, community privileges permitting.

Sneak Preview

Just to give readers a taste of the potential games I’ll be giving away, here’s the games to be included in the first raffle. Please do not submit raffle entries on this post. Save them for when the raffle goes live!

  1. The Division
  2. 7 Days to Die
  3. Dungeons 3
  4. Old Man’s Journey
  5. ???

Looks like you went and created a system that I’ve been pondering making myself for a little while now. Though I was thinking of making an excel doc with similar capabilities. Good job.

How do you go about inputting the raffle data?
The main problem I was trying to get around was to see what kind of easy forum written entry ticket one could ask the users to fill out that would then be easily copied into the doc. Having to manually fill out an array of every game for each participant with how many tickets they assigned to each game would take someone a fair bit of time.


Just to get the ball rolling, I was thinking I could ask users to submit data in a simple format -

@username Number Number Number Number Number

For example, 3 tickets for the first game, 7 for the third, and 5 for the fifth -

@ohko 3 0 7 0 5

Where the five (5) numbers correspond to the numbered entries for that raffle. I don’t mind copy/pasting them for the first couple runs. Adjustments could be made thereafter.


I think that’d work pretty well, although you’re going to have a non-zero number of people messing it up in every raffle though. Counting and following simple instructions is very hard some times. : )

Edit: I’d suggest when you list the games to give away do not use a numbered list as you have in your example, do it alphabetically instead. Thinking it out as 3 tickets for game B and 4 for game C helps avoid confusions that happens if it’s instead “3 tickets for game 2”. Using numbers for both quantities and labels can get confusing for people.


This is great. You’re amazing. No objections.


Oh yeah one thing:

Summoning possible trustworthy members of the community that could PM people for you. Gnuffi likes to call people in a position like that “proxies” :joy:

@delenn13 (wonderful community mom and moderator) @onLooSe (senior proxy extraordinaire) @Gnuffi (giveaway enthusiast and sweet soul).

Of course, if you ask, a billion people will jump at the opportunity of being nice – we’re a cool bunch. I just tagged them because they’re as trustworthy as they come, and you may not be sure who to ask.


That’s amazing mate! Neat system and super nice of you to do more giveaways.


Wow, just wow!

I don’t appear to be on that list, I’m hurt Coraline, what could I possibly have done where
Trustworthy != Halcypher ?

I’m so misunderstood.


And what happened to the other trustworthy mod who isn’t here quite as often anymore but still helps out from time to time? :rofl:


Note to self:


NEVER EVER list actual names of users that help. You will ALWAYS leave someone out and your life will be come a living hell of "should’ve/could’ve/would’ve. NEVER EVER!!!





Was going to say the same thing myself, good idea.


So just to be clear to enter (example) it would be

@Madway 7 0 7 0 1

Assuming I want 7 for game 1 and 3, but only 1 into game 5?

Pretty interesting system, I like it actually, but yeah, change the games to have letter identifiers instead of numbers.


So how do we actaully enter? Are we posting what we want to enter for here, then you copy it into the RNG? I understand the @name 0 0 0 0 0 but where do we put it?


In the giveaway thread whenever it gets posted I would assume.


Y’all I thought we learned we can only mention 10 chronies per post! A girl’s gotta save her heap-load of mentions for emergency situations.

Lessons have been learned today. RIP innocence, good while it lasted, March 26th 2019.

(in all seriousness though @Halcypher, @PeteMcc, @LordAo AND >EVERYONE ELSE< who has a Regular, Community Leader or Moderator titles is pretty much one A+ trustworthy nugget. I wouldn’t trust slots who once claimed to want a permanent “Basic” title, though. Just look out for @Enki’s hug of death.)


The first raffle is live!

Best of luck to all entrants :four_leaf_clover:


You got it. You’re now ready for the real thing! :clap:


Thankfully it’s not sloths.


Haha, how did you not see that coming?


Ahh awesome!, also cool code I will have an examine ;p