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The Faces of


Oofsie, yeah I’d totally post a pic, but I’d be the outlier here with my scruffy, (almost?) druggy look, and I’d feel embarrassed being among all you cuties xd


Do it do it do it! one of us,one of usss!


I don’t normally like to take selfies, but for you guys, what the hell :smiley:
Of course I don’t hold a candle to the beautiful people who already posted their pics^^


True, you are holding a whole candelabra, lol. Lovely photo. ^^


Loving the signed NSP albums! I have them too. And you definitely hold a candle :wink:


Why not…

it’s few years old lol… I don’t take any pictures of myself for somereason…

But… Will include this beauty to cover the fact that my pic is out dated…


Thank you, Dana and @KittiBear :slight_smile: Like I said, I don’t take and upload pictures of myself often, low self-esteem and all, so your positive comments mean a lot to me :blush:

And yeah I love those albums as well, been listening to The Tryforce so much since it came out, and Cool Patrol is so amazing as well, especially Danny Don’t You Know :two_hearts:


ME! Just another Chrono employee that <3s cats