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The Faces of




Nix! Don’t ye dare. It’s a great photo. Thou dost look cute indeed. ^^


I have 3 tattoos! Wings on my back, a final fantasy l’cie brand on my arm, and the yorha symbol from NieR Automata on my neck! I need more ^____^ What kind of piercings do you have?


The fact people actually jumped on this thread makes me so happy <3 Nice to see you all


I’ll join in on the party

Some photo trivia

Just like DontBeSilly, photos of me are only taken when I’m on vacation. I was in China during that time and since I’m 2m tall, kids (and other relatively small human beings) really enjoy sitting on my shoulders :smiley:

another picture taken at the same location:


Wow, Chrono boasts some good looking people amongst it’s denizens…I’m surprised and pleased by this revelation!


So that’s the face of the Mahjong king. Gah. How I can stay mad now?:stuck_out_tongue: (just kidding ^^)


That’s quite the exaggeration :smiley: but funny that you mention Mahjong. There was a Mahjong table just a meter to my left where we played (Cantonese) Mahjong until late into the night.


I wouldn’t want to be too easily identified so you get this 8 year old photo.:ok_hand: I was younger, a bit fatter and I had blond hair (and any hair lol).

…man the years have gone by quick, feels like yesterday.


Here’s me. couple years old. I actually don’t have a lot of pictures of me.


Looking good, but oh so serious. :slight_smile:

I have exactly 0/0 pictures of me taken this year to upload. :stuck_out_tongue:


lot of growth for a 2 year old!


One with my doggo wearing a beautiful tie and another of me wearing my gay earrings. :+1:


You are rocking those earrings and that hat, Lady :+1:t3::+1:t3: :star_struck: :sunglasses: :heart_eyes:


@coralinecastell Elmo’s true face appears and it’s super cute! hee hee :heart_decoration:


That dog tie is freaking adorable! What’s the doggo’s name?

Also, no picture for now sorry guys. Might upload one later but not feeling like sharing my face ATM.


Yeah, keep in mind we’re a Brazilian family: his name is “Son”. We pronounce it more like “Sãn”, which is like… close to the pronunciation of “Sun,” in English. :sun_with_face:

My dog is actually @Vandem’s favorite dog. Feel free to join in the bandwagon. :+1:


Haha dogooooo! Dogos are cool.


I refuse to believe that’s you, you’re not even wearing a fishbowl! D:<
Nice hat thou… and dog


Those sound awesome! Currently I just have snake bites, but I used to have eyebrow, nose, and ear, but I had to remove everything due to my cooking class and I really miss them, but I’ve been too lazy to get them back. And you should totally get more tattoo’s!