The Culling 2 Tanks So Hard That Xaviant Pulled The Game From Steam, But The Culling(1) is back in development.


I’m ready for the Culling 3 announcement! :rofl:


that’s just funny

I never played the culling 1 or 2 but It makes me happy to see a studio take ownership of there massive mistake and are deciding to go back and correcting those mistakes and once The Culling goes Free2Play I’ll give it a try.


This always confused me. When did it become the norm for failing games to become F2P?

(People have been saying this about WoW for years now and I still don’t understand why its a thing)


with going F2P there will be more eyes on the game and most often at times help boost the player base but in the long run if the games does well they will be making bank more so then charging a flat out fee.


I understand why a game would go F2P but the question was when did it become a thing for people to believe EVERY game that fails will go F2P?

Edit: Also at least in my recent memory I can’t think of a game that was ever saved by going F2P but I avoid those type of games.


I think they have done exactly the right thing here. They could have left the dumster fire that was The Culling 2 on Steam and ploughed through it or shut down the company. But they took their lumps listened to what the people wanted and are saying they are going to deliver. Whether this is going to save them or not is a different matter but I don’t think they could do anything other than what they have decided to try and remedy the issue.

When it was understood that F2P with micro-transactions makes a bucketload of money if it gets popular. Really other than a little development time there really isn’t too much of a downside for companies to do this, they will get a whole bunch of new people playing the game and potentially get more return from a game that was not earning a lot of money for them.


The Culling looked pretty neat originally, being a pre-PUBG battle royale game with a dark sense of humor and a cheesy, twisted, game-show aesthetic. Things kinda took a turn once the devs started changing things that didn’t need to be changed, and the player-base died really quickly.

The Culling 2 seemed to be a desperate attempt at re-kindling the player-base, but clearly no one wanted it. I’m glad the devs realized their mistake and are trying to fix The Culling, but I have to wonder if the game will ever recover it’s player-base after the Culling 2 disaster.


ah well i really don’t know, but I know that it’s something that has been happening for years now

The last game that I can remember going F2P after failing was LawBreakers but that got shut down shortly afterwards.

dude, just look at what Team Fortress 2 and especially Fortnite achieved by going free to play, that’s all that needs to be said about that i think

and i’m pretty sure there are some games out there which actually did just survive by making that move, and more will follow

if i remember right, that game only went F2P after they announced that it would be shutting down anyway, so that doesn’t count cuz that’s not even an attempt to survive


TF2 was huge before it went F2P so that wasn’t saved in the slightest though.

Fortnite (If my facts are correct) never went F2P. They came out with a free battle royale mode but the base game still costs money as of now.


@harith is right about LawBreakers, unfortunately. After Boss Key shut down, LB was left without a developer, It was made free by Nexon since the game will shut down in September, so the people who paid for the game can “get their rounds in,” so to speak.

I know people love to talk about a game going F2P by pointing at Evolve Stage 2, and how it got a spike to 40,000 Concurrent Players. Said people conveniently forget that Evolve slowly lost that population and made virtually no money throughout its lifetime. For a long while, it lacked any kind of MT’s whatsoever, and somehow they got backlash for trying to add a coin purchase feature to the game (really guys? It’s a free game to begin with…). I loved Evolve Stage 2 enough to put in close to 100 hours, but then the server population hit critical mass just as before, and it’ll be shutting down in September as well. I’m not going to go shouting f___ 2K or anything, though-- they did everything they could to help Turtle Rock save their game.


another possible example is Eve online, their numbers were dropping but when they went free to play in november 2016 they quadrupled and they still are 3x stronger than back then


do u have any idea how much their free battle royale mode makes them monthly dude???

over $300 million, ever frikkin month, by launching their free to play mode (and the main mode will go f2p too anyways, as was always intended)


I’m not an Eve player because of the stories I’ve heard about it but isn’t the “free version” have tons of content locked behind a subscription still so it isn’t really F2P.

If you go by that reasoning then you could call WoW and FF14 F2P because they have a trial version.

It also wasn’t a matter of how much they make from Fortnite. I’m just stating it never went F2P so it doesn’t belong in this conversation.

@harith The real reason why it doesn’t compare is because Fortnite BR is an entirely different game. I have a feeling that when Save the World does go F2P, it will continue being ignored. This is comparing a 100 player open world arena mode with a 4 player watered-down version of Metal Gear Survive’s multiplayer with no survival/medical mechanics.

dude, pls, Fortnite BR IS Fortnite now, everybody knows that, just like CptMold underlined too