The Coin Shop Needs better Games

Every 2 weeks you guys update the shop, but if the games are not good they won’t sell.
Prime example “There’s Poop in My Soup”, it has been in the shop for 2 months now and still hasn’t sold out.It isn’t because no one has coins, it is because no one wants to waist their coins.
Need better picks, i have 10,000 coins burning a hole in my pocket and I doubt I’m the only one.


i’m gonna redirect you to this
then i’m gonna ask you to take a look at the coin shop again,
then come back and explain which/how many of the 28 games that have been in the shop are bad, and why you consider them bad
also Poop might have been there for 2months but it’s still managed to reach 74% claimed, so somebody clearly want it enough to spend free coins on it as a free game
also you dare say the coin shop need better games with Insurgency currently still up? wow, the audacity of spoiled children continues to infuriate my bones.
Chrono are not obligated to provide you with games that you want all the time on each release just so you can spend all your FREE coins


Aww… Gnuffi, you beat me to it.

I was ready to post some sarcastic post about not giving us better free games. How dare they!

I feel redundant now. /Sigh


worst is, (not that i’m getting utterly exhausted by these ridiculous complaints), but that “often” people use all encompassing terms
when objectively 0 of the games have been technically bad.
Personal taste might vary, but is no fault of Chrono’s, and even something as “bad” as Poop, it is/was quite popular (and even sold something like 100k copies i believe i read somewhere, but i might be wrong on that)
will 1 person have equally liked all 28 games?, probably not. But are all 28 games decent/good in their own right, and well enough that some/many liked and/or will like them?, even more probable.

And still people seem to get confused with the concept of a giveaway; the giver is never obligated to give you what you like, nor should your subjective personal preference be inferred to what the giver would like to give to others

: just because “you” don’t like the smell in the bakery, doesn’t mean their cakes and cookies are bad


God you’re giving me mad bread lust just thinking about bakery smells, mmm bread why are you so bad for me :cry:

i took a look at the goods in the bakery across my street
stared at jam filled danish, -remembered i had to run 5miles to “work it off” if i was going to eat it
took a look at my already “large santa belly” and smiled

conclusion: watched American Dad while eating a jam filled danish
-haven’t gone for a run in months

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Went to Bread Top the other day and bought one of each, ate it all, never sorry:

Damn my ex for taking me there once


I’m of the opinion that almost anything can be improved by putting it in a sandwich.

PS. I love the fact that this has become a bread products thread :slight_smile:


it’s funny how 3 simple things, flour fat sugar, can be combined in an endlessly unending array of combinations into goodies that make the taste buds go haywire :heart_eyes_cat:
i mean, there is no way something sooo good can be bad, right? :smile_cat:

munch munch munch

  • meanie weight-faeries messing with muh scale again, why is it not going down?, oh well


donuts are bread right? let’s talk about donuts now.


is that a donut with fruit loops?!?!?! :dizzy_face:

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wait waaaaa?
what is that and how can i get it?
surely it has to be fake, bread as awesome as that can’t possible exist in our dimension?!?

It’s dessert bread made with three different chocolate breads:

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Sadly, I could find nowhere to purchase it. Sorry.

it’s sorta similar to marble cake just dialed up to 11 lol
i’ll definitely try to make that
cheers Mink, good bread!

For added nutrition, Nascimento recommends eating this bread with Nutella

and Nascimento dials it up to 12 instead, because 11 wasn’t enough :joy_cat:

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Huh… :sweat: on the main subject, what I have to add is: it’s good to have stock. This is the way to balance the economy.

This topic is making me hungry. All of those baked goods look so delicious, but are they worth spending coins on? :thinking:

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