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The Chrono Daily Deal Giveaway Game


In honor of this great store and community, I’d like to initiate an idea I’ve been thinking about. It’s an active giveaway game and hopefully it will attract some additional traffic and potential customers and community members to this great store/community.

This allows us to gift a random person with a gift, perhaps because we love that game so much and want others to experience it, or perhaps we got a promotion or were given something randomly as well, so a pay-it-forward, if you will.

The rules are simple:

  • there are 2 parties, the gifter and the receiver
  • the gifter buys a Chrone Daily Deal key
  • the gifter says “Shoot!”
  • whoever is first to reply “First!” wins
  • gifter sends pm with game key to receiver
  • receiver confirms they were given the key

it would be great to see the Chrono Daily Deal Giveaway game get some traction and perhaps several games might be given in succession during certain deals

of course, there is the risk that some random troll might take advantage of this once in a while just to get someone’s hopes up for nothing, but we’re all adults here (more or less) although this is the internet, so we’re all rly only 12 years old forever. In any case, if there is a troll and he doesn’t send the potential winner their key, then that person is free to call them out on that, but without insulting or creating additional drama, just a simple “did not get the key from gifter” will suffice.

that being said: and its employees and community rock!






lol, guys, not all at once

SHOOT! (before he shoots u)


Received the key, thanks a lot! The timing is perfect




hahaha, so close


too bad it doesn’t go to charity as well, but at least it does come with a recommendation from @hivefleetbothan

that being said,



Received it. Thank you.


yw and hf :laughing: