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The Chrono Daily Deal Giveaway Game




you have to thank @RaccoonV for this dude, not me, well, I guess Fraggles will have to look for a new recipient, lol


I’m kinda baffled and speechless at the same time how that pan out. Someone pulled a gun prematurely in confusion :smiley:


Thanks :heavy_heart_exclamation:


ok I’ve added an additional rule since 2 keys were claimed for someone else and in both the cases the intended person turned down the offer, so u r free to claim for others, but if u do so u r the winner and the key goes straight to you (just like @RaccoonV did by sending it to @Fraggles)

perhaps it would be safer not to claim for others and merely inform those other ppl that they could win a key if they’re fast enough


been hearing good things about Town of Salem, so


(@Fraggles, dude, yr gonna run out of them if u keep throwing them around like that)

(@Fraggles rofl)




first indeed, lol, enjoy yr game


Huzzah! Thank you. :heart:




First? :smile:


yes, u r, key sent

hope u like it


Huge thank you @M00 for this! I love mech games and I’m happy to get to try this out :+1:



wups, I misunderstood this game. I didn’t realize the prize was for the daily game. I was offering a random prize.


lol, u could just have it:

Shoot! (for a random prize)

for example

disclaimer: this doesn’t count, lol


SHOOT! (for a random prize)


Can’t pass up a random title now can I?

Edit: Thank you very much.


This looks like a pretty cool game, and very cheap too, so im buying 1 for my kids and 1 for whoever wins, so:



First? purr


first indeed, meow, i mean moo

key sent :smiley: