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Hey Hon,

Hope things are good with you. :hugs: Thinking of you :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hello friends! :smile: :sunflower: do yall use goodreads? I’d love to add you if so, or you could add me on my profile.

Recent books I’ve read:
Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens (beautiful :sob: one of my favourites)
Verity by Colleen Hoover (Terrible, idk how people give it 5 stars :rofl: )
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Reid Jenkins (incredible, also one of my favourites)

I got a book subscription box today (from the bcase in South Africa) - they release a theme and have a new book plus extras around the theme. This last month was “Expect the Unexpected”
I’ll upload some pics! :smile:

What are some recent good and bad reads of yours?



Hey, Because of the headaches I am lucky I read the news anymore. Last book I read was from the Book club. I hardly remember what I read plus it makes my head worse.

Whoa, a Lit Palm Tree. Now I have seen a Lite one, been in one near the top while lit(another story) and I have lit one but never gotten one. Lucky you! :heart_eyes: :sunglasses: :star_struck:


Yup, one of my last full reads was The Silver in the Wood - not missing much, it didn’t quite do what anyone expected world building wise.

Other than that, read a BL novel which was fantastic with so much interwoven plot and characters. Hm. I started a library book called Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child. So far, well written. Stick a pin for opinion until the end. :sweat_smile:


I do have a Goodreads Profile, however, I merely use it as a means to track the books I read and what I rate them and not as a social platform. Though feel free to add me.
Recently I’ve been delving into the classic genre-defining fantasy books that I’ve been meaning to read for years.
I read the LOTR trilogy, and I understand now where some of its criticism comes from, but mostly where its praise comes from. A phenomenal trilogy I look forward to re-reading In the future. I followed it by watching the movie trilogy I’ve heard so many speak of, and at the risk of being crucified, I must say I vastly prefer the books.

Now, and for probably the next year or so, I’ll be reading The Wheel of Time. I finished the second book “The Great Hunt” only yesterday, and I must say it is quite fantastic.
In between each Wheel of Time book I read The Dresden Files, and Stephen King.
At this moment I’m reading the fourth Dresden Files book, “Summer Knight”, I’m very early in it so I cannot say if it’s good, but I can say I was not a large fan of the previous three books in the series, though I’ve heard the fourth book is where the series starts to pick up so I look forward to that.
The two most recent Stephen King novels I read, “Firestarter” and “The Green Mile”, I think were the weakest Stephen King I’ve read so far, though I still look forward to reading more of his work, as I’ve read few novels that are quite like his. He has a very unique style.

All in all I’ve been reading quite a lot recently, and have started some series I’m excited to finish, and I am finally out of the mini-slump I got stuck in a while ago.
Also, if you want to talk more about what you’ve been reading, I prefer to locate that on the Chrono Book Reviews, Recommendations, and Deals thread. Though these two threads are very closely related so there’s no harm.


Goodreads is giving me drama about signing in. Will keep ye updated.


Goodreads is giving me a headache. Will deal with it later.

Got books?


I am currently re-reading (slowly) The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, but have been mostly reading food and artbooks these past years.


I read The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy a while ago. I enjoyed the first book, but I found the second to be slightly redundant, and I DNF’ed the third. I think I didn’t mesh well with the writing style, nor did I mesh with the playful and non-serious tone. I had the same problems with Discworld.
Don’t get me wrong, I understand the appeal of more comedic books like Discworld and The Htichhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which is why I liked the first Hitchhiker’s book, and why I liked the first books of Discworld (Or more specifically the early books in the City Watch mini-series within Discworld,) but I quickly burn out from reading those types of books, which is why I DNF’ed both series, (though Discworld is 41 books long so you can’t blame me for not finishing that one).


I’m so sorry to hear this :sob: :heart: Do audiobooks also cause headaches? :sunflower:

I’d love to hear the story, that sounds so cool! :smile:

Oh this was one of the free reads right? :smile:

Do you enjoy webcomics? If so, check out webtoon! So much BL and queer stuff there :heart_eyes: Idk if you’ve heard of Heartstopper? It’s really cute and the comics are released there! So wholesome :sob:

I do the same! But it’s always nice to see what other people are reading when you don’t log in :smile: Goodreads has made me realise I have a book problem :eyes: I started grouping books into a category called “On my shelf tbr” (to be read) and I have over 150 books I am yet to read… and I keep buying more, someone help me :sob: :joy:

LotR is one of my ultimates! I even have a tattoo. And at the risk of being crucified, I didn’t particularly enjoy the movies (I think I was too young) but fell in love with the books :heart_eyes: and now the movies are great, but yes, the book is usually better :smile:

I really love his Dark Tower series :smile:

Oh whoops :rofl: maybe we should move there


An amazing series!

What artbooks? :blush:

Was it because of how descriptive it is? I know a few people who don’t like the books for that reason

I’ve been reading Poison for Breakfast by Lemony Snicket and I really love his style of writing, it’s made me laugh a few times in the book already :laughing:


I got it on it on Amazon, using a Kindle Unlimited free trial. It’s worth no more than 0.99c if they did a sale tbh. Really dropped the ball on characterization and tapped out with the world building.

Watched it on Netflix. It’s so adorable! The Webtoon style, just saw, is precioso too. :heart: More into BL than Yaoi (as most of that is so extreme). That’s why I stopped reading manga and comics - too much WTH to wade through.

Yes! LotR forever. Must say, Aragon, Frodo and many of the casting choices makes me very glad the movies were made; Gandalf fighting the Balrog, Shadowfire. :heart:

I find myself weirded out if a book is: oh so much dialogue and not much description. I mean, is it a screen play or a novel? >< At the same time, too much of a good thing is bad.

There have good stories I just couldn’t read because of the writing style. No titles in mind atm, but certain character voices get on my nerves so much, I just can’t connect and keep reading.

Due to electrical problems, too stressed to read. Worse yet, without my nifty keyboard, typing is a pain. The Macbook keyboard works (when it wants to), but it’s very clicky and loud. DNL.


I loved them when i was ~16-17 (i believe my copy is from 99-00), re-reading them i realise how funny the first two books are. The fourth one, “Life, the universe and everything” felt like filler. Now i’m onto the fifth one “So long, and thanks for all the fish” which i remember fondly.

Mária Švarbová “Swimming pools” is one i got before christmas.

Tim Hutchin’s “Thousand Year Old Vampire: Secret Companion Book” can only be described as abstract art, and i love it for that.

Daniel Zachrisson “Quietudes” have some of that empty, desolate feeling i love capturing myself with a camera.


The reason I started reading Stephen King, other than him being one of the most popular living authors, was so I could read The Dark Tower. However I soon learned of Stephen King’s massive interconnected universe and how it’s explored in that series, so I decided I would read every single Stephen King novel, excluding only a handful, before reading The Dark Tower. It’s a long commitment, but one filled with good books so I’m willing.
Did you take a similar journey with that series, or did you just hop in with little to no context of his universe? If the latter, would you say it was detrimental to your experience?


The only reason I ever picked up a Stephen King book was because one of my cousins challenged me to. We were pretty young at the moment so the idea of managing to read a proper novel seemed like something to brag about. They came back with what I assume was the thickest book they could find, and reach, in their parent’s bookshelf and presented me with Stephen King’s Christine. Which I then borrowed and proceeded to read, never touched any of his other books though.


On challenges, I read It as a challenge to myself. I finished it, all 1k or whatever it was pages. The clown gave me nightmares. Still, I don’t think the story itself was that riveting to me. Don’t remember liking any of the characters.


You should definitely check out Webtoon then! They don’t allow explicit content so you find a lot of cute and wholesome BL on there :3 and just some queer reads in general, which is great (there’s also non-queer).
One of my absolute favourites is called “Always Human” about two women who fall in love and the art is just :ok_hand::heart_eyes:

:heart: I actually made a bookstagram account recently and my first book feature was the Hobbit (just because I have such a pretty hardcover). I even have an elvish tattoo, I’m such a fan girl :weary::rofl:

I have to say I love descriptions so much :rofl: describe everything to me! :laughing:

The artbooks look very cool! :grin: Thanks for sharing :sunflower:

I read the series quite a while ago and I’ve forgotten a couple things (which is exciting which means a reread is in order). I love it when authors combine stuff from their universe into other reads. Have you heard of Taylor Jenkins Reid? She does that and I love her :heart_eyes: it’s amazing reading and knowing a character more than what the current book is saying, feels so magical :rofl:
So with King, I haven’t read all his other books but I’m slowly collecting (also collecting the graphic novels from the dark tower series). My main goal is finding matching books for my dark tower collection - I mainly buy from preloved places :grin:

So my plan is I’ve read the dark tower series, I’ll then read all his other work, then reread the dark tower. I’m sure there’ll be things I missed from my first read and I think it’ll be a cool experience that way :grin:

Oh no this sounds like me with book reports in primary school :eyes::rofl:

Did you enjoy it though? Also, how old were you reading this? :joy: Under 10? Did it leave any scars?


From what I can recall it was intriguing enough that I got through it on it’s own merits rather than as a challenge. Still not to the point that I ever bothered to read the 2nd book once I found out it existed. I must have been 10-12ish at the time, don’t remember thinking it was excessively scary.

I was and ever since have been primarily into fantasy and I think the Shadar logoth passage in The Wheel of Time was scarier.