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The Board(Not Bored) Chronie Game Giveaway...Game On!!! CLOSED!!!


It has made me game like a little more not much meh.


Hi @delenn13 how have you been holding up :slight_smile: ?

Thank you for this lovely giveaway , i think i’ll enter since board game are so fun and i have so few of them. Digital ones. Probably only Armello and Gremlins.

Did Corona affect my gaming? Not too much actually . I think i went from around ~35hours past two week on steam to around ~40hours average ( and that’s only place i play game nowadays , BUT i’m really starting to think about getting Switch. I know it iwll most likely collect dust as my PS4 did , but i dont know…something just draws me to try it out . That said i didint check the availability of games down here , so before i buy anything i should get that sorted . ) so i think i play a little bit more but only by a margin really.

I also think that time should get back to it’s pre-corona average because we are dealing pretty well down here with the virus and everything is starting to open up again so i guess i’ll have more opportunities to do something outside my home.


@delenn13 How are you doing?

I got the bundle at the last moment as well. So not gonna enter.:yum:

To me, the recent months are not that bad actually. I’m sure worried as everyone else is. But there were lots of offers and giveaways going on (e.g. the recent ones from Epic and on our forums) that actually provide me with more chances to try different games.

Besides gaming, I’m currently watching “Higurashi when they cry” because the first chapter game was made free by its publisher, and the series has been sitting on my disk for a long time as I hadn’t got the motivation to start it. So, I’d say as troublesome as it can get, the outbreak is actually doing some good to me as well.:wink:


Than you for the giveaway @delenn13 I’d love to enter, I think these board games look like a lot of fun, especially Patchwork and Potion Explosion :+1:

I’ve been playing more games lately now with this pandemic and the lockdown. My job was affected, so I’ve had a lot more free time on my hands. I’ve been playing some traditional RPGs like Trials of Mana because now, I’ve got the time to play them like I used to when I was a kid :smile:


That would be so nice, thank you! :smile:
Let’s say if I win I’l keep Carcassonne & give you all the others :wink:


Although I won’t be entering, good luck to everyone who does!


I’ve got a couple friends who I’m sure would be interested in a few of those games if I can enter for them. Me personally I’d play King & Assassins.

Has the virus affected my gaming? Yes. First off, as some people here may remember I was in college, specifically I was in residence. For the last month of school we were being told to leave the building so of course I had to return home. Which I wasn’t planning to do at all. I was hoping after the term was over to move into a student house, but anyway, I’ve returned home and my mom has had me doing nothing but work for weeks. Essentially rebuilding the house from ground up. So my gaming hours have been cut back a lot. I still play when I can, usually at night when my moms asleep 'cause thats the only time I can play without being told to do something else for her. So its also greatly affected my sleep as well because I’m playing from around 9-10 pm to usually 2 am. Or I’ll stay up watching movies or random you tube videos.

I tend to play the same batch of games, usually because there live service games, like Destiny 2, and now The Division 2 has it as well. But every now and then I’ll hop into another game I have downloaded and work toward beating it. Recently the Mafia Trilogy was revealed (I meant to make a post about it, I guess I’ll do that when I’m done here) I love Mafia 2 so I couldn’t help but play that game. I bought this other strange but fun game called EMBR Uber Firefighters. Its an interesting game.

I guess I’m overall just trying to catch up on the back log of games, and even movies and shows I want to watch on things like netflix and Prime Video.


@Fraggles should have used the gun sooner. :star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


Honestly I’ve played so much recently I feel kind of burned out on gaming and my biggest gaming wish right now is a game similar to A Short Hike (given away by Epic, super chill exploration game that isn’t just a walking sim). I really miss playing boardgames with people, too - Patchwork is one of my favorite boardgames in general, recommended if you have an opportunity to play it!

Should we summon the Discobot? Or will you, Delenn?


I ll enter
corona virus affected me cause I worked double sifts :frowning:


I’ve tried for so long, do you have any idea how hard it’s been to get that thing away from him? He sleeps with it on him you know.


That’s because it’s glued to my hand.

or… it was.

how did you even get it off???


Yeah I don’t think so buddy, I’ve got the gun, I ask the questions!

How… how do I get this thing off? What did you coat this thing with?


14 separate kinds of adhesive.

and one of them said “made with real Tigers”

looks like I’m gonna have to evolve my Profile picture to reflect the current situation.

I was almost tempted by this one.


but I think we all know you have the gun now…


Not entering;
I’ve actually started to bond more with my friends through Minecraft and Terraria because of the coronavirus. I have more free time to play games and read books and all that jazz. As to the different types of games I’m playing, it’s mostly Watch Dogs, Minecraft, Terraria, and maybe a bit of Warframe.

Hopefully everything is alright with y’all.


Not entering (as I already grabbed teir one of the bundle so if anyone wants to play let me know). But I just played Carcassone irl with my father today, great game. Strategy that you have to think a little but isn’t analysis paralysis, some luck that isnt too annoying and easy to learn. Within the last five tile my father got 2 monasteries which he could place to automatically to get 9 points and his meeple back which led to him winning by about 10 points. Super fun and I recommend it.


Oh I forgot I also played Love Letter IRL today as well, its ok at 2 players but better with more. It’s simple but you have to keep up with what has been played to know which of your cards is best to use. Fun and easy, a nice filler game.


Not really, I’m such a squirrel, I game according to mood. O_O For different games, yeah - more in a hidden object game mood game lately, with other stressors, I don’t want to play anything with too high a difficulty level. Play Love Letter today with the guys was really fun. ^^

So I’m entering. Mew.


Bumping this up…:+1:t3:


Got less that 24 hours now :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: