The Board(Not Bored) Chronie Game Giveaway...Game On!!! CLOSED!!!

It’s been a rough week. If any one wants to do a giveaway…Go ahead. It won’t faze me at all. I just NEEDED to do this. Please don’t let me stop you from having a giveaway too.

I grabbed 3 bundles of the first tier in the last 20 mins of Humble’s Asmodee Digital Play with Friends to giveaway. I know this will help @Fraggles to add to his players on his “Game Nights”.

So I got 3 Bundles for 3 lucky Chronies. I will send you the URL that Humble sent me as a GIFT! You get ALL these games :


Must be a forum member for 2 weeks.
Earned 8 badges.
Answer this question: Has the cronovirus affected your gaming? Are you playing more and are you playing different games than you usually do?
Ends May 28th 2020 around noon EST(The same time the Daily Deal changes.)

I reserve the right to change the rules…etc…It’s MY giveaway :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

EDIT: I knew I would forget stuff.
I will choose the winners with Discobot’s help.
Also, you will get separate keys for each game so if you already have it or don’t think you will play it, please consider just passing it on to another Chronie who would appreciate it. No trading or selling, PLEASE!!!


Thank you for doing this, obviously not entering myself but I hope these games finds good homes with people who actually want to play the games. Even better if they want to play them with me. : )


Pretty sure everyone here has been affected by the Chrono virus :joy:


Nice giveaway! I’ve played a couple of these in meatspace (Carcassonne and Love Letter, I think) back when I lived in a place where I knew anybody.

I think coronavirus has probably increased my gaming, but it’s hard to measure that objectively. I work from home with no children so I’m always playing a lot of games. I’m in a constant struggle to distract myself from the unfortunate flesh sarcophagus I inhabit and computer games are probably the least-destructive means of providing that distraction at will, relative to their payoff. Increased general anxiety levels over current events are almost certainly a factor in my choosing to play games even more than usual.

As to the specific game, mostly Borderlands 3. That’s probably more a function of its Steam release than anything specific to the current situation. The frustrating thing is that the game is extremely unstable on some systems, even ones well above the requirements. There are those of us who can play the game for days, hours and hours at a time, just fine. Then other times, it crashes to desktop after 30 seconds, 5 minutes, 30 minutes… who knows, and it’s not a performance issue (game runs fine otherwise, usually crashes at home base where nothing is going on). It’s common enough to be a well-known issue, you’ll find posts in every BL3 forum, but it’s rare enough that it’s not being fixed. And yet, and yet, I’ve played 171 hours of it so far because I’m compulsive like that. Haven’t been able to play at all this week though.


You may need to bribe @discobot…Hmmmm. I guess I need to add that part. I always forget something.:thinking:

You entering???


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


no no, just making a joke


Not entering. I would feel bad I wouldn’t play the whole bundle. That’s why I like “pick your bundle” when they show up on humble or fanatical. I hope you winners play game nights with your fellow chronies too!

Has the cronovirus affected your gaming? Are you playing more and are you playing different games than you usually do?

I am definitely on my computer a lot more than before since I don’t go out as much. At first, I spent my time playing games at the same times and would watch a lot of youtube. But then the most unexpected amount of giveaways and free games were given away. A lot of games. I started playing a lot more and watched less youtube and even visited here fewer times! I might have to get myself under control while businesses start opening up again. :slight_smile:


Really appreciate this Delenn!
I’ll enter.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to game any extra during COVID due to my wife getting pregnant, but I’m still trying to find time. I’d say overall the games I play are quite varied, but I still play overwatch a lot


Here because @Fraggles forced me to.

at gunpoint.


he’s not 2 metres away from me :disappointed_relieved:

he wants me to have a piece of this cause I missed the actual bundle >.<
I would have bought top tier more than likely, I still have/go to my job during the backstreet boys reunion tour.
but I’ve still had more time for gaming because we’ve been working on a week on, week off basis.

my most recent conquest is trigger happy havoc: DANGANRONPA

seriously, WHY had no one ever mentioned this game before?
It’s freakin’ amazing.
if you haven’t heard of it before try and find stuff out without spoilers, I just looked at the PS store description and it was vague AF it made me want it more, screenshots there were kinda vague, but I’d heard of it once, mentioned alongside parappa the rapper, I think thats how its spelt haha, so I figured its a rhythm game, which… is one side, its a mix of a few genres, so if you like that kinda thing, just get it now.


so yeah mostly playing that, bit of monster hunter world, a bit of a few other things. if anything the BackStreet Boys Reunion Tour has only been making me get fatter from staying in all the time haha.
I have no friends on PS so some people here should add me so ya’ll just know what Im playing haha. I know its mostly PC here but still.

thanks for the giveaway chance Delenn! even if I had to be forced to come here and do it >.< <3 <3 <3 <3


Also, you will get separate keys for each game so if you already have it or don’t think you will play it, please consider just passing it on to another Chronie who would appreciate it. No trading or selling, PLEASE!!!


Thanks for the giveaway
Answering the questions: Hell yeah i’m playing more games than normal, i have a lot of games that a bought time ago and didn’t play them and no, i’m still playing the same genre of games (rts and strategy) but recently found that fps are better that i tought (yeah i’ve played before) but i’m still get into it, now CS:GO is tempting me.

Also this time i found of interesting to do (besides studying, i still having virtual classes) like bakery, this is really fun and delicious :yum:


Tbh I really only would love to have Carcassonne. I love playing this game with friends on board game. would be nice to play it on my prefered platform :smiley:
Since corona virus got out I have been crashing myself on games on an almost madening level O_o
I’ve been at home without work for about 9 weeks now and I have nothing else to do but my favorite hobby (playing games) Mainly i’ve been picking up Runescape again from the old days, only the new version, I forgot how addictive that game is. Also been trying to gain progress on Sekiro but I feel like i’m terrible at it since i have to redo every boss 10 times before i get it right. Though, truly a lovely game.
My wife tells me it’s not normal how long I can play on end without a break but I’ve been playing games since I was about 4 years old so it’s not the first time :sweat_smile: Today I even convinced her to play a game on pc with my for the first time since i bought her a controller 3 months ago because she feels like it is a great opportunity to spend more time with me since we’re both at home, bored without it. She likes it but it’s frustrating me how terrible she is at gaming :laughing: Not bad considdering she never played a real game before.
Carcassonne might be a better choice to start off with since it’s very easy and also a lot of fun.

Thanks for doing a nice giveaway! Hope you all can stay safe & sound <3


Thanks for doing this @delenn13!

My answer: For the first few weeks I was playing almost nothing. For like a month straight my recent activity on Steam was around 1 hour. This was a combination of just not wanting to play any of the games I had as well as the fact that I’ve been reading a LOT recently (I’m up to 35 books finished so far this year!). However, back at the beginning on May I reinstalled Deep Rock Galactic and I’ve been playing it loaaaaads since. I had around 15 hours in it and now I’m up to around 65 I think. It’s the only thing on Steam I’ve played for more than 20 minutes since the beginning of April lol. I’m still playing less than I used to before the whole covid thing, but I am playing quite a lot of Deep Rock Galactic!


Maybe get her own PC/tablet with games she might like…card games, TMs, point and click like Monkey Island or HOGs


I’ll enter

Corona virus affected my gaming alot. Nowadays gaming feels like work (like first u have to choose a game, then download it and find someone to play with) and after all that u might not even like that game. :frowning:


Entering because I forgot to pick this bundle up. Whoops.

The coronavirus didn’t affect my gaming that much, since I’m more of a stay at home person anyways. End of semester was rough and I didn’t have a lot of free time during that period, but now that it’s over, I’ve been getting back into Guild Wars 2.


This sounds so pretentious but if I win then I’ll give you Carcassonne! It’s the one game in this I have.


Thanks for the giveaway!

It hasn’t really affected my gaming at all. Haven’t been playing different games either. Have actually been playing a lot less games sadly due to pc issues. Slowly getting it worked out.


Albeit that the Corona virus has changed parts of the way I live, surprisingly not much had changed. Seeing how it has taken effect, therefore been more frequent updates to the games I’m keeping a close eye on. (Depending on what work is essential.) The games I play are limited to the quality my potato PC can handle, so not much on that apart from after seeing the unreal engine 5 trailer imagining what games I could build off of that.