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The Battle Royale between Battle Royale gaming studios


the game is probably good no doubt, but, the fact so many top streamers showcased it at launch, is also no doubt what had a significant (if not the major) factor in its popularity and massive rise
Ninja alone doing anything/not playing fortnite immediately blows sht up


listen dude, each streamer had 1 sponsored segment of a few hours and 1 tournament of a few hours, nothing more, and for the rest most streamers are playing this game day-in day-out cuz they love it, just like they did with Fortnite btw. I know cuz i watch several streamers every single day.

Just like suddenly theyre almost all playing GTAV rp these days, theres this revival, its not cuz Rockstar is paying them to do so.

and theres been tons of games who have sponsored segments on streamer channels all the time, that doesnt do anything at all, if the streamers love the game and keep playing it, y, that does something, but 1 segment on 10-20 channels does nothing at all, theres plenty of proof for that, theres plenty of games that did that and went nowhere

its quite the opposite btw, if Ninja plays Radical Heights for a sponsored segment for 3-4h and then never goes back to it again his whole viewer base knows he thinks the game is inferior to the other product and Radical Heights goes nowhere at all

not to mention that its on the screen and in the description that its sponsored to begin with

also, as a side note, noteworthy to mention that Lirik has been publicly acknowledged for almost singlehandedly being responsible for the rise of BR as a genre (after PlayerUnknown ofc) as it is because hes THE streamer who made BR so popular back in the days of the Arma mod.



im not even gonna argue the numbers or celebrity status, we both know in the streaming space Ninja is the biggest atm even if Lirik is the "grandad of BR"
furthermore Apex has little to no marketing going for it, EA basically propping Anthem up the traditional way blocking out Apex in the way so that the game even existing and being out was a surprise to so many -thats its even been mentioned by people in the industry the lack of Apex pre-launch marketing was a bit strange
then combining it with the massive move of blanket covering all the top streamers, yea you bet it had a major impact
and ofc, had the game been utter shite, it would not have sustained it, like Radical Heighs, but youre also not naive enough to think that when Ninja (or lirik) streams something with (paid)enthusiasm that its not gonna massively boost the influx of numbers, -and its the influx theyre banking on initially. Because if you get enough, then there is a greater chance theyll stick around even if your product is only half decent *coughPUBG*cough. Radical Heights didnt do too well on the numbers(compared), despite their attempted pr, and being a rip off+poor product didnt help.
But yea, Apex had nearly 0 marketing, ofc its basically the streamer PR that made this product what it is -no one even know it existed otherwise, the fact its good only helps it, but no doubt wouldnt have been enough to make it what it is without the assistance of stream marketing

and again, Ninja doing anything is a thing, and will increase the numbers massively, even if just temporary. Its an old concept proven time and time again How the hell do you think Poop in my soup got so popular without certain people doing lets plays of shitty or meme games that would otherwise have flown completely under the radar.
So when its done with a real game, ofc it boosts numbers even more, and is exactly why companies are rolling out the marketing mullah so much more and more in their direction, because it has a real impact.
Again, Apex had almost 0 visibility before streamers because EA was almost scared, thats why they banked all the E3-to now traditional marketing on Anthem (hindsight 20/20 :joy:) -so yes this one is definitely on streamers+paid promotions, because people didnt know it even existed; because EA didnt really want us to(they wanted us to buy Anthem which would be a success).

and my whole point was that BF V was such a dumpsterfire for EA that even with paid promotion, wonder if it would still be at a loss/might be too late so save even with popularity boost? -because that game already has its past now.


first of all, u need to get yr facts straight, Ninja is #8 atm, with only 25K subs, Shroud has 100K, and so theres 6 ppl in between even, and i think Ninja is only on his way down more and more.

the reason Apex is so popular is cuz its a free-to-play, complete product that is fun to play and super-optimized and 1st player so not in direct competition with Fortnite on that front

also what paid enthusiasm are u talking about when u had a 2-hour paid segment but the streamer has been playing the game every single day for over a month, losing viewers every single time cuz ppl are sick of it. Every single day ppl complain about Lirik playing Apex instead of doing variety.

again, the main point is, had the streamers just done the sponsored thing and then not kept playing the game cuz it wasnt good enough, like Heights, then the game would not have succeeded either, the streamers keep playing cuz the game is rly good, just like with Fortnite, and the customer plays cuz its rly good too, just like with Fortnite.


circle killed u, yr out, sry



who cares about subs, its all about views, and followers, media presence of which Ninja, (as far as im aware) is the biggest, at least the one constantly being propped up in media -i dont see shroud mentioned 24/7 by "awmagahw Xinsertninja did something"
and no, that might be the reason it has sustained popularity, but thats by no means why it became popular, no one knew it existed, they would have kept playing fortnite or checkers.

and thats where i disagree,
the game and product might being different (and better than heights) to hold them, but the massive numbers they got in initially is purely because of that.
you suddenly get 50mill people aware you exist, doesnt really matter those 5mins if you are good or bad, now people check you out. If you are good, sure you will last, and get more millions increase per week, like they did, but the game had been DOA if not for that concerted stream marketing, and it was imo pretty smart of Respawn to make sure their game wasnt overly hyped, but came sorta as a surprise from the sidelines


all im saying is, the game succeeded cuz streamers love the game and keep playing it and the consumer loves the game and wants to play it; that has nothing to do with zillions of dollars (thats not even true, they might have gotten like 25k-50k depending on their size) being thrown at them

whats wrong with that?

and im not sure ninja is still being mentioned in the press btw, if he is then its just cuz the press havent figured out yet that the hype is over, rofl

again btw, look at Shroud doing it all without the press

the press only moved in cuz ninja was suddenly so big, its not the press that made him big

its the same thing here, the game is big cuz its so good and streamers love it, the game didnt get big just cuz 10 streamers got 1 sponsored segment


yea, but again, if no one knew it existed or would come out, no one would even have streamed it on their own.
the marketing made sure streamers knew it was a thing, and would you kindly play it(thats the zillions) likely just made them happy about taking a short break from whatever (not that they wouldnt have tried it maybe, but they didnt know it was coming until respawn pr poked them)
again the point being, that a success booster like a good marketing(which apex had) -would BF V still be at a loss ?(such so that EA wont even bother tossing a fewer zillions at stream marketing like that here again)?
im thinking its not just a bad move but its the wrong move to do now with apex hitting so big, they should have waited (or had it way earlier) my guess is if people can choose between a 60$ BR mode or Apex they are gonna choose Apex
(at least the way im understanding its gonna be a free update to the game for owners, not a f2p mode for people?) -aaand bf V is kinda dead with what couple of thousand players? :man_shrugging: dont think a BR mode is gonna bring much back for that, at least not that many new buyers, even at a current 50% discount :thinking:
could Ninjashroud or grandaddy BR save that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: my guess was no

Ninja got 1 mill alone, (blowin up in the press), just sayin :wink:


u see, what yr saying here is exactly the point im making, EA wouldnt be able to make BF V a huge success by paying zillions of dollars for some streams cuz that wont matter because the streamers will not keep playing that game as soon as the sponsored segment is over

the reason Apex is so big is not cuz there were sponsored segments, its cuz the streamers kept playing

and maybe ninja did get a million, rofl, but i doubt that, its just an unconfirmed report at this point, and obviously he wont deny it cuz this is great for him, let all other companies think that this is what they should pay him


like i was saying, problem being BF V already has its past, consumer mood set one way or another for(/against) it (among other obstacles for sure)
Apex was new, and it has worked/does work for new/fresh things where there is no bias one way or another yet.

Does it being free help? ofc, does it being Fortnite esque without actually being fortnite/being its own game help? ofc, does it help its actually a good game and competently made, ofc.
But, with the right promo, you can literally sell poop to the masses, the more shiny or polished a turd then is just makes it easier/better, but without anyone selling your product, youd also be more sure to fail. They had 0 presence or marketing, it would 100% have flown under peoples radar, and not gained a fraction of its current popularity, -without those streams/marketing popular people/celebrities spreading the word, guaranteed.

Sht literally ticks up when X celebrity shoutouts something, again poop could be a thing. Apex would never have been a thing, without those streams, because no one even knew it was a thing without, because no one ever said its coming or btw apex is in store and free :man_shrugging:

Even the Kardashians couldnt save Hitlers image, sure. Doesnt mean sht doesnt fly of the shelves when they promote a product. -gaming is not much different, and is why they are tossing money at YT/Streamers as marketing for their games, it works, (even a bit for poop).


yr forgetting one detail btw

EA did pay a whole bunch of streamers to play BFV at launch too, same with COD, same with Heights, same with a whole bunch of games; I distinctively remember that, so theres no difference there whatsoever

COD and BFV actually did have the marketing machine going, but they also paid the streamers for sponsored segments all the same, the difference is that Apex did it without the marketing, not that there were sponsored segments

this again proves that sponsored segments are not responsible for the success of the games cuz all big games do that now, even a lot of smaller games

the reason this game is so big is cuz its so good that streamers keep playing it day-in day-out without being paid to do so

ninja sponsored BFV stream:


basically, Apex did the same as all these other games, so ???

i dont even understand why u would argue this point:

this game is big cuz streamers kept playing it long past the sponsored segment and cuz its just so good, just like Fortnite, the sponsored segment in itself can not make a game a huge success in itself ever

Ninja played Heights too btw, and was sponsored for a bunch of other games too, where are they now?

Ninja played the culling, island of nyne, darwin project, fractured lands, realm royale, and a bunch of others too, where are they now???


thats the continued growth, apex literally blow up over night, more than Fortnites BR mode did
Again, they(cod, bfv, others) had marketing, pre launch, hype etc, aaand controversy, deck was already pretty stacked against BF(a bit CoD depending on which fence you lean on)
So there is pretty much only one way you can go from there, either you have them (at that point) or you go down, CoD might even have needed that marketing just to make the numbers they did given the usual drop off that popular game has every time.

Again, and this is very important, Apex had none, nothing. So when no one knows you exist, you are bound to fail (EA even kinda expected this) if none is aware of you. So when you have a blank slate, and suddenly the most popular people in the (gaming) world saying check out this game -it could be literal poop, and people would check it out. Sustainability is then up to the product itself, but those week 1 XX millions, 110% not a question the vast majority of those are because of those celebrities promoting the product, even just initially.
it doesnt matter if a product is the best in the world, if 0 knows you are out there, youre tumbleweeds rolling in the desert. And on the other hand you can be a poor product with great marketing, and thrive despite being poop.
(and in case of Radical heights you cant really do much when you have everything against you)
People literally attribute the initial success of Apex to people like lirik and shroud, etc with apex taking over the twitch nr1 spot right at the time, -and some not even aware they were part of the promo team that took over twitch.
There is no denying that or why it was done, -or that its a pretty decent marketing strategy, and it clearly worked.
Sure liking the game (and continuing to play) helps but it would have been an unknown ghost town in the middle of bumsville if they hadnt gotten the word out, which they did, in such massive scale. -better than a primetime ad


all these games had sponsored segments, only Apex blew up overnight

Apex is the only one that streamers are still playing every day a month later (just like Fortnite)

hence, the only thing that set it apart is its quality


the others didnt have a massive/the same type of concerted marketing effort
and you really think those games didnt gain from those streams? initially?
again, if your product is shit you need better marketing to make something work against a better product, but even as a great product you still need some publicity, for people to even know you are there.
So when you have mediocre games, the marketing trick from someone like Ninja is definitely gonna help, initially, But if you dont get him or X to keep supporting your product, its not gonna work on its own if you have something that is shit, and no longer the digital messiah to tell you its not sht like you think.

Apex was doa without that stream/twitch takeover in my mind, because they had no presence at all. They might have picked apex up eventually, gradually, on their own, but it would not have had the same effect.
Suppose the easiest example is Ninja himself, he was no one until is Drake stream, then suddenly he is the most viewed(not subbed) streamer, over night -because 1 shoutout -gets in the media, blows up even more. The blow up/over night effect is real. The bigger you are the more cloud you have, so when someone, Ninja, Lirik, shroud etc shows you something, paid promo or not, you bet it gets in someones head. And that it will boost your numbers.

Had Apex not been good, sure they probably wouldnt have been able to maintain all XX millions past week 1. But it would also not have blown up like that/been dust in the wind without twitch promos 100%.
When a celebrity has a marked effect on paid games/things, there is no question they have a bigger reach on free stuff But if the more awful your product is, the more glitter and sparkles you need tossed in your eyes to ignore its flaws. (people bought souljas console, its truly possible)
-guessing Nyne/fractured lands etc games were such turds they needed more polishing than a 4h stream could make them see past :man_shrugging:


y i wont agree with u in that i feel all those games had the same sponsored coverage and the only real difference is in what the games have to offer, but fine


Look out Pubg,Fortnite,and Apex Legends the G.O.A.T of battle royale games called Incursion is coming. :rofl:


Here you go boys and girls another battle royale just for you. This time its a vehicle battle royale called notmycar.


@Animosity I might try that seems kinda cool and free but it does remind me of Crossout a bit.


Let me know how u like it. Its not really my thing but id be curious as to what you thought about it.