Sorry I have been so slow to put on Giveaways but my life is still kinda busy. I am doing this but I may be late closing it/sending out keys etc…but I will finish it…So just be patient.:kissing_closed_eyes:

The rules are pretty much the same.


  • Have to be a forum member for 1 WEEK!
  • Need 8 badges.
  • Tell US what is the most AWFUL, WORST, HORRIBLE, DASTARDLY game you have ever played or bought. Make sure you tell us WHY you hated/disliked it or if it was worst than a warped hockey puck. I am sure somewhere around here lurks a “Flaming Elmo” pic…:joy:
  • Put the games in order as to how you want them. If you don’t do that, you will be disqualified.
    Use this order:
    Game you want the most!
    Game You want next best.
    Game you want the next best best……etc…

You can enter for ALL the games if you like …But the most you can WIN is 2. Lets spread the joy around… I have 2 DLC’s that I am trying to giveaway too. Hopefully someone can use then.

@sewcraftyme was nice and gave me The Sexy Brutale. I said Thanks by the game but I wanted to add it here too. Thanks, @sewcraftyme :hugs:

I will decide the winners by discobot’s whims and sometimes he is full of so much whimsy…As you know.:thinking:

I will be closing the giveaway November 25th 2019 approxiamately 12PM EST(When the Daily Deal Changes). I will notify you and then you message me(You have 24 hours to reply) and then I send the key. Please make sure you let me know that the game activated.

2 Artifex Mundi to begin with:

9 Clues: The Secret of Serpent Creek- Win/Mac/Lin

9 Clues 2: The Ward- Win/Mac/Lin

Action Henk- Win/Mac/Lin

Doodle Kingdom- Win/Mac/Lin


SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell- Win/Mac/Lin

Shuyan Saga- Win/Mac

SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition- Win/Mac

Sister’s Secrecy: Arcanum Bloodlines - Premium Edition- Win

Slain Back from Hell- Win/Mac/Lin

Snake Pass- Win

STAR WARS The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition- Win/Mac

From @sewcraftyme THANK YOU!!!
The Sexy Brutale- Win

And some ODD DLC’s:
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 Deluxe Pack- Win ONLY

Nova-111 - Original Soundtrack- Win/Mac/Lin

I reserve the right to change things if I have forgotten something…After all, I am old. So just deal with it…
Plus Mom Always Knows Best :star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes::hugs:

And it’s free games…so lets have some fun :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hmm well ‘AWFUL,WORST,HORRIBLE GAME’ is a strong definition and i’m pretty sure i dont remember most of them but one which comes to mind is Devils & Demons . Horrible mobile port which runs at 640x420 resolution and i totally regret accepting it even for free and adding to my steam account :smiley:

  1. Star Wars : The Force Unleashed

Thank you very much for this awesome giveaway, delen .

These little guys are eager to help you with the giveaway … once they can manage to climb out of the box that is.


deep inhale


My job here is done. Nope, I’m not entering the giveaway. Just wanted to spread AWARENESS so that you may protect your INNOCENT CHILDREN from the dire EVILNESS of DEPONIA.

You’re welcome, dear Chrono citizens. Blessed be!


Thanks delenn for the giveaway! I found The Sexy Brutale very fun, so I hope whoever wins it enjoys it!


WOW didn’t take you long. I don’t even think the ink has dried.:joy:


oooh games! Haha thanks for the giveaway Delenn!

the worst game I’ve played is Transformers Cybertron Adventures. I haven’t played it in years, and I might even say it’s probably not a bad game all up. However, this was essentially the Wii version of Transformers War for Cybertron and its later sequel Fall of Cybertron. Those were great 3rd person shooters with transforming mechanics and the like. This was an on rails shooter, and was incredibly disappointing in comparison.

I’d like to enter for

  1. Star Wars the Force Unleashed
  2. simCity 4
  3. Snake Pass.

Thanks again!


Can we at least leave the first game out of it? I’ll make a case for Deponia 1, the rest you can trash.



Not entering but just wanted to share this picture of these gorgeous baby platypus - and no I don’t know what the plural is. Platypuses? Platypie? Anyway, I love animals (except for snakes) and these two babies are no exception.

Good luck to everyone and most importantly, Happy Gaming.


Ah, a reference to Deponia. Well played.


Oh wowee, another great giveaway! Thank you Santa, err, I mean, Delenn!

I can’t really think of a game that I despised that much, I normally do some research before getting anything, cause I’m not one of going through the refund process. I guess the closest would be League of Legends, not because it’s terrible, just because I much prefer Dota and its complexity, or Heroes of the Storm with the Blizzard characters that we love. League is simple and has an awful community, as with any moba, heheh

You don’t get to disqualify me, I self disqualify! aha! Good luck everyone, don’t be naughty!


Thanks for the giveaway @delenn13! Nice to see another one of these. It’s been awhile!

I had to think of quite a few different games and genres to figure out this one and I could change my mind at any time. But the most difficult game, or levels for me is the F-Zero GX Missions. Those missions to me have to be some of the most cruel and unforgiving set of missions or levels in a game. And I only beat some of them. On normal. Not even hard and hell no to very hard. Yeah, there is no easy. The time constraints and overall difficulty on these missions are brutal. For instance, Mission 6: Black Shadow’s Trap is a mission where you can’t let your ship drop below 700 kph, sounds not so bad since you go so fast, but trust me, it’s anything but easy. If you go below 700 kph, you die in three seconds and you basically have to play through the whole track perfectly which is probably about 2 to 3 minutes or more if your being more careful, but remember you can’t go below 700 kph which means you really only have a certain amount of time, and even though a couple of minutes doesn’t seem that long, going through the track feels like an eternity especially when your trying to not hit any walls, crash into any ships, yep there is also traffic in your way, and doing all of this without dying in any form, otherwise you fail the mission and you have to do all of this again. You also want to be going as fast as possible and you pretty much have to play perfectly. This shit made me want to rip out my hair. And yes I’m going to swear because this game in general, more so the missions, are brutal and unforgiving. I’m usually a swear lord outside of this community, but I tend to not swear on here because I’m not sure if it is a problem. Otherwise I would do it more. Just let me know about the swearing issue. Anyways, F-Zero GX as a whole is an amazing game, but my god, those missions, can go fuck themselves. Pardon, not pardon my french.

Actually an even more and probably the most evil mission from story mode is Mission 4: Challenge of the Bloody Chain. This mission is so difficult that I really wanted to rip out my hair. I had to do this mission so many times. I freaking hated this mission. What you had to do was go after Michael Chain while having to deal with a swarm of his minions getting in your way and you have to constantly use boost in order to catch up to him while maintaining your health and trying not to use all your boost and deplete your health. They can really swarm your ass and you can die in seconds even when your trying to attack them. I forgot to mention, you have to kill enough of his minions to catch up to him or towards the end of the track you can finally catch up to him, but you can still get killed in the process. So you have to either kill off enough of his minions without getting yourself killed while trying to not die from them swarming you or dying from the track or using all your boost which with a hit or two you will die from hitting the track or one of his minions because your health is also used for your boost. Yeah you have to decide whether you want boost to catch up or to stay back and probably lose the race. Also if you don’t kill Michael Chain at the end of the race which killing him is also a real pain in the ass, you lose. Yeah, I fucking hate this mission. Worst mission of them all in my opinion. Definitely the most rage inducing mission in the game and probably one of the most rage inducing moments for me in games in general. It’s super brutally difficult. There’s so many evil missions in Story Mode that I could probably include all of them. Especially when you increase the difficulty. Which I haven’t even beat everything on normal iirc. This shows how insanely difficult this game can be. If normal is brutally difficult, just imagine what hard and very hard are like. There shouldn’t even be a normal. It should just be hard, very hard and press start to die.

On to the games

  1. Slain: Back from Hell
  2. SimCity 4

After that rant and I only pick two games. Worth it. Felt kind of good to be honest to talk about that. The flames of Hell have finally been released.


OK boomer


Not entering, the one game I would want I technically already own (physical copy)

awful gameplay, awful graphics. One of the games you get to laugh at.

awful graphics, awful gameplay, awful graphics, bad character animations, did I mention awful graphics?

Oh it looked pretty. if you didn’t mind the hallways, the…story?, and the fact that the difficulty randomly increased in the middle of the game.

The story? was dumb. because who plays CoD games for story? The MP maps were bland, redundant, and just all around awful. Seriously, the maps just about all looked the same: Dreary, blown-up urban areas with tons of debris.


For the concerned

This rivalry is just a thing, just to be clear. No real hostility, just the good kind of hostility.

Anyway, I should probably enter now seeing my vicious defense of this game has already kinda derailed things. Not entering the competition, but it’s bad game time.

The worst game that come to mind for me, personally, would probably be Alone in the Dark from 2008. I have it on Xbox 360, and it’s honestly such a broken disaster of a game that it’s borderline amusing. There’s zero mechanical consistency, some of the worst audio I’ve ever seen in a game, and some of the worst driving I’ve seen in a game, with bad ideas piled on bad ideas and half baked mechanics on quarter baked mechanics.

The back of the box advertised that you could skip levels like a DVD player, and I think that’s a great indication of what mess you’re getting into. If you want something REALLY strange, take the opening chapter and compare it to that of The Evil Within; the resemblance is kind of scary.


First off, thanks for the giveaway :raised_hands:

I actually enjoy hard frustrating games so my pick will be an odd one but it is what it is. I beat the boshy, I climbed the mountain with the hammer Putin guy, I am currently on the surreal cat game that is surprisingly hard and trippy but the music is amazingly weird… and yet my worst game ever has got to be Final Fantasy 9 for playstation 1… why you ask? Its an AMAZING game, literally spent hundreds of hours playing it and yet when I got to the last boss for whatever reason my disc 4 was fucked up and I never got to fight it. I remember never having felt that much disappointment ever in my life. To this day I have yet to feel that bad about a game and maybe not because of the game itself but my experience with it.

Interestingly enough as for the good experiences thats why im picking the first one of the giveaway, because I remember playing it on the arcade with my friends and having a blast with it, pixel graphics goodness! good times :smiley:

  1. Metal Slug 3
  2. 9 Clues: The Secret of Serpent Creek
  3. 9 Clues 2: The Ward

Does it count if I played it on purpose? There is a game for the NES called Action 51, well it’s actually 51 games but not even one of them is playable, some of them don’t even start and the ones that work are full of glitches. So yeah, those are the most AWFUL 51 games that I’ve played even though I did it on purpose :laughing:

  1. Snake Pass
  2. Metal Slug 3
  3. Action Henk

Thanksss for the giveaway!!! :slight_smile:


Thanks for running another giveaway. Though I’m not happy about the theme, because this game doesn’t deserve me thinking any more about how bad it is. But here’s the Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic game in Human History: Torment: Tides of Numenera, which tried to sell itself on how much writing there is in it neglecting to mention that every last bit of it is terrible, I also noticed they still have the gall to charge 45€ for it.

I would like to enter for Snake pass, please.
Thank you.


Alright, this is going to be a controversial one, but I’ll go for Lego Hobbit. First off, the game plays horribly on digital controls. I couldn’t muster my way into playing the whole thing even after I figured out the controls, because it was so boring. I desperately wanted to save, but I legit don’t know how. Maybe I’m just stupid, because I always get lost in video games like this, the humour looks to be alright but the controls are so horrible for digital, I’m shocked that it was released at all. Its the same problem I had with SA2, but at least the levels are more fun once you do get used to it (plus the Chaos’ are cute, so there). Maybe the others were better, because I remember playing one from a Yoda game on my phone and having more fun with it. Yes, perhaps Star Wars TCS may be better than this.
Phew, rant over. For games:

  1. Star Wars The Force Unleashed
  2. Snake Pass
  3. Metal Slug 3

Ho! Another combatant enters the ring! I have a crush on Alone in the Dark - although I’ve researched and found everyone says that the later games suck. I still want Illumination, lol.

2008 does look so much like a movie. I want to play it for sure. Skipping through like a DVD does sound a bit odd. O_o How is it like Evil Within anyways?

(Can’t think of a game that was mega awful except the mechanics in Guardians of VIctoria. Sad, it could have been so awesome. Not entering). ^^


So, essentially, the opening sequence of the story is WAY too similar to TEW to not notice. You have your big spooky, your apocalypsey bits, introducing the spooky stuff, and so on. It gets some basic plot going, then you have a near identical sequence where you drive through the city’s streets as they’re torn to shreds by the evil stuff.

The difference is that The Evil Within has a cutscene, while Alone in the Dark makes you suffer through some of the worst driving you’ll ever see in a game, with zero checkpoints.

AitD 2008 is a game where the intro makes you click RS to blink every few seconds, to stop the defocus filter from getting too strong. You’re in for maximum jank.


Thanks for another giveaway!

Worst game I’ve played…that needs some thinking.

Ok. A long time ago there was this basketball game. I was into sports games at the time. So this game made me so angry because it did what no new sports games do. It lets you break the rules, and they catch you every time.
Traveling with the ball? blow whistle
Pass ball too much? blow whistle
Do anything? blow whistle
I don’t remember exactly what rules I was breaking. I would do anything, then the referee would blow their whistle, the screen would freeze and whatever punishment happened. I was never told the rule I was breaking to avoid it next time. It just punished me. The best part is the computer player never ever made a mistake and broke the rules. It was so frustrating and maybe someone out there loved playing very carefully and followed all the rules. But that wasn’t me. Literally unplayable. I was too young I guess?

After doing a little searching. I think I found the game? Tecmo Super NBA Basketball (SNES). It looks different from what I remember so I’m not certain. I’m glad I found NBA JAM so I could keep having fun.

  1. Shuyan Saga
  2. Metal Slug 3
  3. The Sexy Brutale