Wow! If the mechanics are that bad, I’m in for an ‘experience’. :thinking: I don’t mind trying bad games though - it’d have to outright unplayable for me not to put up with the struggle.


I’ll be honest-- I would argue this game definitely qualifies under that category. I wouldn’t call it a working game in the slightest.


Monstrum it’s not bad but it’s fucking scary in VR


@SahibT, are you entering for any games??


Easy, worst game I ever played, the maypole around which my hatred of some games prances about is…

Alpha protocol for being a totally and 100% uninspired game wearing the shell of a better game around itself in a ‘Single White Female’ kill/replace scenario. Everything I had seen about the game looked good, interesting story, level advancement the works. And a story driven spy game seemed pretty awesome. But it wasn’t.

However, as I was thinking about the most Awful, Worst, Horrible, Dastardly games… One stood out to me in my mind.

This is an likely unpopular opinion, but Warframe is to me one of the more dastardly games out there. Because it is a particularly insidious and at the same time blatantly monetized game. Free to play or not, the way they handle advancement, inventory slots characters, cosmetics coupled with everything possible being tied to a timer that you could speed up for a few dollars strikes me as particularly unwholesome.

But I have sunk almost 50 hours into warframe over the last 4 days, so probably just my bias.

I would love to enter for:

  1. Slain: Back from hell
  2. The Sexy Brutale

I used to play a lot of World of Tanks. I don’t think that it’s bad per se, but I have since decided that online multiplayer games like that are not for me. The communities seem to draw in toxic players like magnets. It was never a good idea to allow communication with the opposing team, which they did eventually realize and change.
But even if you got the highest score on your team in a match, some clown on your own team would still decide you’re the specific reason they were the first tank to die and would spend the entire match keeping you informed of this opinion. And since you gained persistent benefits from playing, there was always the feeling that any time spent not playing was making you fall behind. So, I went back to singleplayer games and have not regretted it.

Put me down for:

  1. Shuyan Saga
  2. The Sexy Brutale

Thanks for the giveaway!

Here’s my “worst game I ever bought” story.

I never owned any console and I’ve got my 1st PC quite late - somewhere in the middle of my high education years. It was not very powerful but it came with Unreal Tournament and Fallout. I’ve spent quite some time playing both of those but at some point I decided I wanted to try something new. So I came to the store and asked for something like Unreal Tournament. Being pretty naive in the ways of the world and unaware of how does retail works I just bought the 1st thing they suggested and it was a game by the name of Hired Team Trial.

It was basically a poor mans UT. Performance was worse, graphics were uglier, map design just meh and guns were boring. Bots were barely functional to the point of not being able to use an elevator properly. I’ve seen games that were alot worse since then but that was my biggest disappointment for quite a while. At least til UT2k3 came out. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

As for the giveaway itself - I lay my claim on:

  1. The Sexy Brutale

I would like to enter! The games I would like to enter for are:

  1. Metal Slug 3
  2. Slain: Back from Hell
  3. Sister’s Secrecy: Arcanum Bloodlines
  4. The Sexy Brutal
  5. SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell
  6. Doodle Kingdom
  7. Saiyan Saga
  8. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
  9. Snake Pass

The first AWFUL experience I thought of would have to be Skyrim on the PS3…sigh. I spent SOOO much time collecting Dwarven ingots to make all the crossbow bolts I could ever need. I got to 12,000 before the game started freezing on me 5 seconds after l load one of the saves. Also I was in Blackreach at the time so no fast traveling to a simpler area to try to fix the problem. Aggravating doesn’t even begin to describe it.


I don’t tend to remember bad games, but one I do recall hating was The Bridge. None of this game’s puzzles had a satisfying resolution, everything felt either too linear (just keep going where you haven’t gone yet, and you’ll get it) or too open-ended (or just plain finicky) so you eventually stumble upon the solution after trying every sequence of actions possible (possibly multiple times), without the satisfaction of executing a clever plan.

The puzzles weren’t the worst of it though, I could’ve probably dealt with more of them had the presentation been different. This game, despite featuring no bugs I noticed, still manages to feel like it does not want to be played. The art and sound design are both very grating and give me a headache. The player character feels sluggish and like he’s fighting against you. Even the main gimmick, rotating the levels, just feels unpleasant to use. The physics interactions are unintuitive, but are required to solve the puzzles.

I’d like to enter for the HOGs :D

  1. 9 Clues
  2. 9 Clues 2
  3. Sister’s Secrecy: Arcanum Bloodlines

I think the worst game I played was Street Fighter: The Movie, a horrible game from an awful movie, what can you expect.
I woild enter for:

  1. STAR WARS The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition
  2. Metal Slug 3
  3. Slain Back from Hell
  4. SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell
  5. LShuyan Saga
    Thanks for the givaway

Sorry to hear you didn’t like The Bridge. Just as a counterpoint to anyone reading this, I actually loved the game. I found most of the puzzles to be quite reasonable and intuitive. I’ve long had a fascination with impossible geometry and optical illusions though, so I came into it having already spent a lot of time mentally tracing paths through Escher drawings and the like.


Could you play it with that Google Cardboard get up?


@Glider did you leave the Number One spot blank for a reason???


The most awful game I ever played is Big Rigs Over The Road Racing. Okay, well not exactly. The game itself is absolute garbage, we can all agree on that, but because its hilariously bad its brought me a ton of laughs. Laughs of which i thank the game devs for bringing me. In this game its supposed to be a truck racing game. But there is no collision so you can drive through everything even a bridge (instead of going accross the bridge you go underneath it). Your opponent doesn’t even move. Some how the truck can drive up 90 degree angles, oh and it drives faster then The Flash when going backwards. The speedometer is broken when going backwards, it just keeps going in circles. Theres no out of bounds, so you can leave the race area. Finally when you finish the race it says, “You’re Winner !”

Heres a little review of it for everyone.

  1. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition
  2. Sim City 4

Yeah, i did. Reason being I want to lower my chances a little bit.

I don’t have time to play as much as I want to but I’m still curious about this game. I suspect other people may enjoy it more than I do but I’m not willing to give up on it altogether. So I think entering with a bit of a handicap is a decent compromise.


Creative giveaway!

The worst game I probably played was this game on the Wii (I forgot what it was called, sorry). The premise of the game was more like a watered-down version of, and it was really shit.

Spent one dollar on the game (used) and decided to play it. Truth be told, I had no clue how to play the game. It was a rated E game, but I still didn’t know how to play it. As I played more, however, I realized that the game was dryer than the Sahara Desert. Nothing to do apart from drawing, and I assume playing with other people to guess the drawing (how do you expect people to draw using a Wii remote and Nunchucks?!). Gave up on the game after that.

oh, it’s game time

  1. SimCity 4
  2. Star Wars

Appreciate the giveaway, @delenn13! Nice to come back to some friendly faces.


Hmm well i dunno but sims 2 pets on ds was pretty boring for me haha. It was a dog at the vets u do stuff to it and it was fun but repetitive literally same thing over. I guess there was worse but if something is bad I don’t usually play it :smiley: or remember

  1. Slain back from hell
  2. Shuyan

Just bumping this up. Closes Monday…or close to Monday…



I try very hard not to play bad games, but I did play Flappy Bird very briefly. That’s probably the worst.

  1. The force unleashed

This will be closing soon…Get it while it’s hot!

Closed!!! I need to send out one personal email then I will start rolling the bot/dice…

Good Luck everyone :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: