Tar Valon Trading Company (Updated)


This is the Tar Valon Trading Company’s main office. If y’all got something to trade, I’d be interested in see what that is! :blush:

I have nearly 30k in coins right now, so if you want something from the shop just say so (29k), but check in every once in a while because I get keys from Humblebundle or whatnot that I don’t want as I have a specific taste or I may already have them.

Now the previous list had games that were already traded or bought, so I removed them (cleaned it up), so the new list will be updated only with games I’m interested in but they are in no ways a hard “ONLY WANT THESE” for the trade. They are suggestions only. Please send or drop a message with whatever you want to try and trade–I might be very interested! :slight_smile:

Just consider this a guide or whatnot.

  1. DLC for Crusader Kings II that I don’t have (Jade Dragon > Rajas of India > Sunset Invasion)
  2. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen
  3. Viking games (lol its true I’m in love with vikings)
  4. GOG Games
  5. Sprite/pixel games (you know, SNES looking stuff)
  6. Final Fantasy and Square Enix titles (includes similar RPGs)
  7. Space related games (open world even better but space = good)
  8. Anything I don’t have (just say what ya got, never know, might be interested!)
    *if you need to see what I have or don’t have, check my profile for my Steam info

(Basically if you’ve got side scrollers or looters like Kingdom: New Lands or games like Regions of Ruin or stuff, I’m DEFINITELY interested in hearing about those. hehe)

Anyways, thanks for reading, if anyone is interested, feel free to post or PM or something. :mage:

EDIT 1 June 21st 2018, 8:48 PM EST

Did one trade! Traded away Earthfall for Rust (transaction 7500 coins) with @hivefleetbothan. It went smoothly! Thanks man!

EDIT 2 January 19th 2019

I have nearly 30k in coins. If anyone wants to trade for something on the shop, just leave a message! :slight_smile:

EDIT 3 August 6th 2019

I know have 50k in coins and currently a copy of Don’t Starve Together, so any time anyone wants something from the shop and has something to trade, send over a message if you wanna try and strike up something. :slight_smile:


Thank you!


I have a key for a Resident Evil game that is region locked, I think, and to where I do not know. I cannot use it or anyone within the U.S I’m guessing, so whoever wants to try it and lives outside of the States, please message me so I can give it to you. It is just wasting away in my notes.



Okay, doesn’t work in the U.S or Southeast Asia. Next person want to try taking the code? :sweat_smile:


I’d like to try it depending on which RE it is, I already own a few :slight_smile:


It is Umbrella Corps, I think. And sure, shoot me a PM. It didn’t work for the current tester either. :sweat_smile:

Tested for not working; U.S, Southeast Asia, Denmark.


Ah thanks, but that’s not for me, thank you either way :blush:


i will try that code. i have about 9000 coins, trade you for a coin shop game if you want?


No need for a trade. I’m giving the code away to anyone who can redeem it. :slight_smile:


Alrighty! :blush:


And one more down. lol what country does this code go to?!

Countries tried: U.S, U.K, Denmark, Southeast Asia.

If anyone else wants to try, keep PMing me, I’ll keep giving it to people until it works or until people stop messaging me. lol


I’m sure it will work here… in Bulgaria, but I’m not willing to try it, because it will sit in the ever growing pile of things I need to get to eventually. Here we don’t have any laws (I’m not kidding), nor any restrictions… ppl sell cigarettes and alcohol to kids left and right and I’ve never seen a game to be restricted here :smiley:


y looks like Eastern Europe


If it is umbrella corps, you already have it in your ever growing pile of things you need to get to eventually.


Lol I didn’t even bothered to check so yeah … that says a lot :smiley:


Well then hopefully someone from Eastern Europe wants to try it out. lol


Didn’t work in the Middle East. -sigh-


back when humble had Umbrella corps in a bundle steamgifts did this neat little region lock notice

Umbrella Corps
RU + CIS + BR +IN Exclusive Countries: BR, IN, AM, AZ, BY, GE, KZ, KG, MD, RU, TJ, TM, UZ, UA
RoW (Blocked Countries): BR, IN, AM, AZ, BY, GE, KZ, KG, MD, RU, TJ, TM, UZ, UA

(if it’s a “humble bundle” umbrella corps key that is) so you might likely have a RU-CIS key on your hands, since a ROW key would have worked in US, UK, or DK at least


Wow, thank you Gnuffi! Well, maybe someone will see this and message me then. I’d hate to have a perfectly good key go to waste when someone could get some enjoyment out of it.


I bought some DLC for Stellaris and so I got the two free games Teslagrad and Desync from the collect the stamps via the spend every $5.

I’m pretty sure they redeem to NA area only but maybe y’all would know more about it (I’m in the U.S).

Anyhow I’m adding these as a trade for the thread. If anyone’s interested just post or whatever! I’ve got 11 days to get the games traded before they expire.

I also have nearly 30k in coins so if there’s something someone wants on the shop instead, just say so but be sure to include what you’re interested in exchange! :slight_smile:


They aren’t only for NA. @Animosity got them for me few days ago and they worked fine - EU, Bulgaria. But here there are no game restrictions at all so I can’t be sure for every country :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, thank you for the information @onLooSe! I appreciate that! :slight_smile:


I updated the other post with more information as well as cleaned up my main post/OP so it doesn’t obtain outdated information. I just realized it was a bit confusing to follow.


I check wishlists so I know what’s up. Enjoy bro.


usually it’s only larger titles that bother with straight up region lock
some AA companies does it here and there, but usually it’s mainly AAA, and i honestly can’t recall on hand if any smaller indie games like that even ever did it, so probably not much need to “ever” worry about that for those