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Tar Valon Trading Company (Updated)


If anyone has an extra copy of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II from the new deal they don’t mind trading/looking to get rid of, I’d be interested in making a deal for it. I can get a coin shop game or I have the two above from HB up for trade for it.

If you are interested, just drop a message here and PM, or one or the other. Include what you’re interested in return of course. :relaxed:


Bumpity, as a reminder that the HB games are expiring very soon. Who knows, maybe someone’s interested in them still. Also, can offer the new coin shop games if that’s what ya prefer of course. Just put yer offers up if ya interested. :slight_smile:


Probably the last bump for the HB games before expiration. They have 4 days left.



I have an extra key to Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition (already own it due to a trade here), so I’m throwing it in here for trade. It is non-Steam though, so you’d need to create a Square Enix account and use the launcher to play the game.

If anyone is interested in it, just lemme know. :slight_smile:

(Trade available for Feb 4 – May 3)



Putting current new coin shop games up for trade (have 31k coins) with the Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition (non-Steam) while they last if anyone is interested in them (I already own one of them so)! Again, feel free to post here with trade ideas or PM me. :blush:


what new coin shop games? everybody knows there’s never any new coin shop games here…


Adding another game to the trade list. Crusader Kings II + The Old Gods DLC as I bought the $12 tier Paradox bundle from HB. :blush:



The DLC for Crusader Kings II is gone, but the base game and the Mog Station version (non-Steam) of FF14 (A Realm Reborn) is still available to anyone wanting to trade. If not, I’ll probably see if anyone in my regiment wants the codes before they expire.


I have a code for NBA2K19 or whatever it is called. I’m not trading it, I’m giving it away. Please do not take the code if you do not own the game. If you own it, just PM me and I’ll send it your way. :relaxed: The code instructions said it’ll work on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch.


Buy some Reese’s Puffs? I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve got one laying around somewhere. However, I’d rather not feed the beast.


New Shop Games are out and I have 43k coins. If anyone wants to do a trade, lemme know details. After that Humblebundle monthly let me down so bad I’m hurtin’ with disappointment. :laughing:

As always, PM, comment etc. :slight_smile:


Well I still have a copy of Don’t Starve Together (Gift, came with my purchase) if anyone is interested in starting a trade (can PM or comment). I left other updated details in the OP. :slight_smile:


I’ll PM ye.



Got a new trade deal to offer, I have no idea if the value is off though. :sweat_smile:

There’s a few new entries on the Coin Shop (Regions of Ruin and Tormentor❌Punisher) and I have some left over HB games from my last bundle purchase (“Deep Sky Derelicts” and “HIVESWAP: Act 1” and Immortal Planet*, I think), so I was wondering if anyone had an extra copy of the 1st Banner Saga or anything?

Thanks for reading! :relaxed:


I have an extra key (non Steam) for Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition (already own it and some expansions) to trade away. I’m really looking for DLC for CK2 that I don’t have, but if anyone is interested in any sort of trade, lemme know! :slight_smile:


If anyone wants one of the coin shop games in exchange for another Steam game, let me know.


That key is for the base game and a 30 day trial right? Is there an expiry date?


Yes, it is for the base game (I believe it also comes with the first expansion free Heavensward) and new accounts registered with it get 30 days free. There’s no expiration date as it is a product key, but so you have extra info on it, I just got it 3 days ago, so it is very new. :slight_smile:


awesome. I might PM you with some offers, Idk what you have or want. I can’t play it for the next little while but would make good use of it towards the end of the year.

According to google it doesn’t include heavensward anymore, that was a temporary freebie offered.


If you want, you can check out my Steam profile or check the main post (I keep it updated with wants or general ideas or whatnot). And okay dokey, I’ll keep hold of the key just in case you decide to trade. :slight_smile:



I have a 3 month Xbox Game Pass for PC (meaning you can play their games on PC, via Windows 10) that I have no need for. I already had access to a 2 month one and managed to play some of their games. If anyone is interested in something like this, lemme know! :relaxed:

Also, got a ton of weird stuff to add to here that maybe people want. Note, these AREN’T for trade, I’m giving them away. Just pick one and I’ll get the code for ya. :slight_smile:




Looking to trade these games for come CK2 DLC (missing 2 of em, Jade Dragon and Rajas of India) or something else, always interested in new stuff, especially if it sprited (pixel)! :slight_smile:
*Steam profile linked on my page if you wanna browse it though

If you’re interested in em, just lemme know through PM or posting here, either way works. :relaxed:

Game List

Last Tide
Rock Band VR
Sprint Vector
There Came an Echo
Warhammer The End Times: Vermintide
Gas Guzzlers Extreme
AdVenture Capitalist

And 3 months of Xbox Game Pass for PC (and Xbox, if you have one).

And I guess I should mention it, also have some “deluxe care packages” for several games like Dreadnought, Tera, Switchblade, Blade and Soul, etc. I don’t play them but I know a ton of people do so I’ll leave them here just in case.