[Suggestion] - One Year Legendary Streak

Today is the 365th day I’ve logged into my Chrono.gg account and earned my 365th daily coin reward and I was just wondering why we don’t have a Super Special One Year Streak reward? I do know earning twelve straight Legendary streaks “technically” counts as a year, but shouldn’t we be a bit more specific here?

Just my thought is all. Feel free to disregard if you feel it is asking too much :smiley:


Can we have that Special Box please???

It’s a yearly box after all, pretty easy to miss out ( 4 non chrono users like us here in the community :stuck_out_tongue: )


I think that is a nice idea, a small reward in the shape of a Gold Chrono Badge, perhaps?

What say you, @lonin, @dusty, and/or @Frst?



That would be great! I mean… 365 days without missing the coin is something the site should celebrate.


10,000 coin reward


1,000,000 coin reward



Seemingly fun idea, but TONS of ppl around here already don’t know where to spend their coins, now if you add another 100k or so per 365d then ppl likely start buying games just for the sake of spending SOME of their coins.



I don’t like it because I can’t keep streaks going. >.>


Then we get the other folks who already can’t get games that they want to have even less chance of getting those games…

I like the idea of having something to show for it though, I am still far away from such a day, but it’s something good to work towards.


@kylehayman361 makes perfect sense too, some people may work very demanding jobs in long days and may not get a chance to continue the streak on a long-term basis, so I don’t want those people to suffer from this either. Perhaps we just give just a commemorative badge to those who have say 12 legendary streaks, instead of 1 yr, so that people are not severely punished for having some bad luck…

Speaking of bad luck, a couple of weeks ago, when the Nor’easter hit and we had a ton of solid ice/snow and power was out for almost a whole day, and our wifi was, of course, not working, I was on my cell phone on really slow roaming, clicking on the chrono coin trying to keep it alive. I succeeded, but I would have felt really bummed if I couldn’t continue a streak due to a natural disaster.

The other thing is vacation. Perhaps we should have a vacation option that people can use to suspend their streak? What do people think? Of course I think there should be some stipulation to this, such as how often someone can employ vacation status, that it needs to be predetermined (at least a week in advance, for a certain number of days), and that people can’t change their mind, so that those set days they cannot decide to cancel their status and get coins…

Of course that still does not offer a good answer for my natural disaster situation above… sigh


I was only having a larf.

I’ll forget it’s there after a while.

just the people with yearly streaks should have enough coins already.


Some sort of recognition for a year long streak sounds good to me too, but not in the form of even more coins. A little badge or flare on your coin stats page would be sufficient.


for a year-long streak, u can insert the whole bulb as a prize



I think recognition in the community of one’s long streaks should be sufficient. Official recognition in the form of a badge/achievement would make it a “thing you gotta do” for the completionists among us, and I feel it’s an unreasonably tall order for that sort of thing.
Official recognition of 30 days is fine. Longer streaks, we can handle the old-fashioned way - by bragging sharing with the community in the appropriate threads :]

@YQMaoski I can commiserate about the natural disaster thing D: I lost my streak last year because of a hurricane evacuation.
I don’t think there should be a vacation feature, though. Coins aren’t that important, losing a streak isn’t (or rather, shouldn’t be) a meaningful loss. The current system does a great job of getting people to come back every day that they can, and that’s its goal. I don’t think the site needs to encourage higher levels of attachment to streaks.


I have no problems with the current system. In fact, I like it very much. So I totally agree with you here.

I think you are absolutely right, although I think the sentimental attachment is always going to be there, just because there is a steady upward counter…


Yeah a badge to commemorate my “achievement” would be nice :slight_smile:
But to be honest, I would also appreciate it if as a reward for having logged in for a year, I could be given a chance to pick out one game from the ones already offered before, but got sold out extremely fast hence me not getting a chance to get a key, and allow me to purchase one using my current coins :blush:


We agree that you all are the coolest of members to have kept such long streaks. We also think it would be great to have ways to show that off on the forum. We also also are talking on how we might make this happen in the future so thank you all for the ideas! :slight_smile:


Yea, a badge, trophy, coin, heart…whatever… as a token of stamina…etc…


Perhaps a Random game instead of coins?
( A random game list that only devs know about it, since if the list becomes known, probably the community would be spammed by fake members )

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I don’t like the idea of getting a random game. Sure that’s a nice reward and all, but if I want a random game, I can just use a 30 day worth of coins and get one from the game store…

Besides, what if the random game is rather Poopy in nature…?

I think simple/non-obtrusive recognition is best…