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[Suggestion] - One Year Legendary Streak


Any “Poop” games bundle for 1 year streak?


That’s awesome! I am so envious of you folks that have been around for a while and have such a long streak…


no thx to random games or coins imo


^this, -oh sweet honey covered gnomish deity THIS! :heart_eyes:
yes!, badges, MOAR badges, profile bling and customization swag! :star_struck:
-i don’t know what it’s gonna be, but i want it, i need it, i must have it!! :drooling_face::yum::blush::crazy_face:
the; >“year round coin badge”<-(insert awesome @Inferry “Coin Man” drawing there)


What i meant was… a random game NOT from the shop… perhaps a random game from past daily deal, or perhaps one AAA game ( yet i am kinda against AAA games… too much pressure on Chrono, and it will bring Spammers ( just check alienware arena, Chaos )


Hey Chrono staff may I please get a There’s Poop in My Soup Survivor badge. Thanks in advance :rofl:


I think what they were getting at is a random game isn’t that great because its random, you may just get a game you don’t like/want.


Yeah if I wanted random games I’d buy them from GOG.


Well… Free is free right??? :sweat_smile:
It would be lame to refuse a gift ( i don’t believe that devs here are stone hearted and would give us something bad… i mean… just look at the deals they bring us… ANYTHING NOT COOL?? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Love you Chrono Devs :heart_decoration: )

After all… we still have the option to trade or gift the key… Right??? RIGHT!!! ( lel , i don’t know why i’m laughing atm… excuse the drama in the last 2 rights XD )



Lel… You’ll laugh at me… but i tripled the Oooooo voices (set 3 copies of the same video over each other) :rofl: Their voices massaged my ear ( i am NOT Joking… can i be the only one who actually enjoyed it? )


MAN, What have you done??
It’s 2 am here… now all i can think about is… guess what? ( ready to be surprised )




I’m so sorry

what have you done to meee


I’m afraid you’ll have to wait on that one for a while, from tomorrow I’ll be out of town for a couple weeks, which means I’ll be away from my tablet, and mouse drawing is not an easy thing for me to be perfectly honest.
I mean, you need a mouse to begin with, so…


HAHAHAHA… Where did we take this topic? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


It’s not a “Chrono Thread” unless it goes into some rabbit hole…or OT.

And that’s the truth!:joy:


To the Moon and back it seems :smiley:


did’t read all the post but i agree with everyone who said a badge could be cool,

a badge or a forum title maybe? (still not sure how those title works)


It’s not for the streak, but we do have.


Man I still don’t have that one, my streak might be good but my forum streak has a bunch of holes.