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Still Searching #2 - Round #8



Wow. It was poo after all. Considered it so many times but couldn’t quite make it fit. Suppose that’s the nature of it!


For a really long time I thought it was fart, but it just seemed so ridiculous that I didn’t want to guess it. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Pylinaer called it.


I think M00 might have time travelled, and was just a bit off with his space-time calculations.

Or maybe - with idea so profound - he was just ahead of his time.

The most malicious ones tend to fit the description.


Thanks @Pylinaer and discobot for the nomination.

I’ve got a cute little mystery word for you this time: NXhj
You all know the drill by now, if not just go look at the OP.
Please @ me with your properly labeled Questions, Guesses and Photos, we haven’t seen many of that last one.

Round 4, starts now!


Damn, I had that word as an option but I wasn’t sure



Q: Is it commonly found at home?


Yes, it is indeed, near ubiquitously and often in multiples.


Would you most commonly find this item in the kitchen?


You would indeed.


Guess: Spoon


:x: unfortunately that is not the mystery word.


I know i just did it for fun.


For the longest time no one used the photo option. So let’s do it! (I know some of these are 2 words but whatever)
Is the MW in this photo?


The mystery word is almost featured in this image, but not quite.


Ok I’ll guess just for the sake of it.
Guess : cup


:white_check_mark:You have correctly guessed the mystery word.

Well done!


Yayyyy. Ok guys let me think of a word and soon a new round will start!


1 hour, 3 minutes :joy:

@Fraggles, come in for the prizes
@FacuBlues, congrats, I hope this didn’t deplete your luck reserves for this year ;D

What a round:D


Lol even though it was a long shot I didn’t chose that word randomly. In the photo there was a measuring cup so I thought well, maybe it’s a cup, and I was right :laughing: