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Still Searching #2 - Round #8



Ok, I have the MW! It’s time for a new round! The rules keep as in the OP, no new rules for this round.

MW : IrR1Lj1VdItlnWtMk+JXhNQ=

Good luck everyone!!!


Guess: helicopter

question: is it man-made?


Sadly, that’s not the MW

No, it’s not



Q: Is it alive?




wait wtf, two rounds past, damm guys you’re taking it seriusly

@FacuBlues Q: Is some kind of mineral?


I turned off my phone since my battery was running out and went to bed.
The power finally came back home and I find out that the next round was completed pretty quickly.
I think that’s the fastest clear so far, haha.

Never underestimate the power of photo questions.

@FacuBlues Is it something you can touch?


No, not at all

No, it’s not tangible


Not man-made,

Not alive,

Not tangible.

Well, we know it’s not fart.


Maybe it’s an emotion, some sort of expression, or a concept.
We won’t know for sure until someone else asks about that.


I am pretty sure we can feel the tension building in the air. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am looking forward to what questions people come up now that it’s not a physical object.


Apart from the physiological needs … I would consider that those are man made. I need to think a bit harder for proper question though :slight_smile:


Q: Does

editttt wait wait wait. i didn’t see the last 2 answers…still thinking



Is it something I would learn about in science classes, specifically thinking Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Astrophysics, Geology, and Astronomy and subsets thereof?

Adding to the pot


Yes, though not necessarily in any of the branches you mentioned, but there’s something closely related to the MW that you would definitely study in one of the branches you mentioned.



Beginning next round, two additional game components will be introduced:


At the beginning of each round any player can bet on the number of QUESTIONS which will be posted before the correct MW guess is posted.

No more bets are taken after (whichever comes first):
– The third QUESTION has been posted
– 24 hours have passed from the GM’s new round announcement

PHOTOS are equivalent to QUESTIONS - they add to the total number of QUESTIONS counted.
Bet editing is not allowed. If you want to change your bet, delete the original and post a new one.
Please mark your bets clearly by posting BET: #

The first player who bets on the right number receives one game of his choice (from the pot). Please send me your selection.


At the end of each round a raffle will be held.

Any player - who posts a QUESTION or a PHOTO during the round - enters the raffle.
The GM enters the raffle as well - by default.
At the round’s end, GM assembles all the entries and summons the discobot to pick the raffle winner.

The raffle winner receives one game of his choice (from the pot). Please send me your selection.

The OP has been updated accordingly.


Recap :

. It’s not man made (But I want to clear something up here. Even though it wouldn’t be exactly the same, man can make an artificial version of it. )

. It’s not alive

. It’s not a mineral

. It’s not tangible

. It’s something that you would learn about in science classes

Incorrect guesses :

. Helicopter



Guess: Is it lightning?


Yessss! That’s the MW indeed! Congrats @Danacscott you will be the next GM! I would like to know how did you get into that conclusion with so little questions haha, well done!

Here’s the algorithm :