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Still Searching #2 - Round #8



@FacuBlues Wut? Like fur realz! I was thinking some form of energy. OMG!


Haha, looks like I got lost in space (because I was trying to think about stuff related to it).
Congrats btw!


From a clear blue sky:D Impressive.
Glad we’ll finally get to see you running the game:)

Reminder for everyone: you can start placing your bets as soon as the new round announcement is made.


@SeekerSupreme ^^ I just need to remember how to do the double encryption, but I does have a word in mind.


Alright! New round by a squirrel. Please see top post for the rules (as I did, lol).

MW: 7WsKi7dlutdsfcn5f1K5oA==

Have fun and question away! Also see the top for the mini games added. GL. :heart:


I’ll start with the bet thingy.

Bet : #6


BET: 13


BET: #10


@Danacscott also Q: Is alive?


No, it is not alive, but that question is always a good place to start. ^^


BET: 8


Q: is it commonly found at home?


I wouldn’t say commonly, but people who use it for their hobby, or who use it in their job, will certainly have at least one at home.


Bet: 7

Question: Is it electrically powered?


It can be electrically powered, but it doesn’t have to be.


How in the world did you guess lightening from just that little info?! Some of you guys are secret psychics.

Uhhhh, which bet number hasn’t been chosen…6 13 10 8 7 …

Bet: 12

Whenever someone says hobby+job, I’ll always have to ask

Q: Is it a musical instrument?


Yes. It is a musical instrument.

I’ll be off to sleep, so if you make a guess, I won’t see it til the morrow. Good night!


Guess: Guitar

I guess that’s one out of pretty much 4 instruments that may or may not be electrically powered.


I’m going for it because this is as close as I’ll get to at least knowing the item.

Guess: Violin

(Electric violin is a thing!)


Well then now we wait until the squirrel wakes up to see who’s right. : )
I’d say these are the 2 most likely ones.


Guess: Piano