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Still Searching #2 - Round #8



I think I made an obvious mistake in judgement…


Question: Does it have strings?

Guess : Bass


Whoa! I wish I had slept better.

@FacuBlues Great question. That’s a yes. Only remembered last night that I should have stuck to Yes or No… feels like bad GM (Hope @SeekerSupreme isn’t mad, I’d do over the word if asked).

@GDBringer Nah. Electric violins are the awesome! Plugging in a violin - mind was blown.

@PeteMcc Highlighting at least one was a dumb on my part, it hints to ‘more than one’ can fit into a house rather easily, so guessed most people would say piano would have been unlikely. (Maybe I worry too much).

@Fraggles Yes! You be right. Guitar is correct. I’ve only a cute acoustic in need or repair and strings, but most musicians seems to think they’re like Pringles - can’t have just one! (Me too!)

Congrats to our new GM, if Seeker is okay with my round (worrying again). Thank you guys for playing with me. :heart:


Wut? What you worrying 'bout?:smiley:
The questions need to be yes/no (they were).
The answers need to be what they need to be (and they were as well).
Come, come for the games:D

@Fraggles, congrats on the clear shot.

I don’t know what’s different about this second game instance, but you guys are killing it here.
I’m beginning to think Luxen enchanted it somehow - by being the first GM here:D

I’ll run the inquirers raffle (just this once), to make sure it’s clear for GMs going forward.


Nervous new GM + usually anxious. Happy I did a good job after all. ^^ Meow! So I make pick in PM, yes?


Yes, please:)

Round #6 inquirers raffle:

1 Donluis524 Is alive?
2 YQMaoski is it commonly found at home?
3 Luxen Is it electrically powered?
4 GDBringer Is it a musical instrument?
5 FacuBlues Does it have strings?
6 Danacscott GM

@discobot roll 1d6


:game_die: 3


So does questions that come in after the correct guess count towards the bet totals too?



@Luxen, please, come :joy:



For the bet it’s different though:


By how you worded this I believe the answer to my question should be no then. The winning bet for this round would have been 4?


Oh crap… you’re right!
That was not my intention. I didn’t remember/check how I worded the original rules. Will need to rewrite them then.

Yes, the winning bet would be 4.


blink The Game Master misses nuttin I tell ya!


Hahaha, I’m confused.
Is there some sort of new raffle prize? (Besides the bets.)
If that was already there since you introduced the bets mechanic, then I probably didn’t notice somehow. :joy:

I’ll send you my pick in a bit.


I’ve posted it together with the bet, you’ve probably missed it because it was another expandable headline right underneath;)

In the OP:

The round ends when the right guess is posted - as verified and announced by the GM.

is changed to:

The round ends when the right guess is announced by the GM.

This does not affect the game. It is only meant to disambiguate round’s boundaries (demarked by GM’s announcements) in context of the inquirers’ raffle.


The luck from this guy is, now surprising me. @Luxen go and buy a lottery ticket bro

Adding to the pot
Railway Empire is region locked; region unknown; did NOT work in Poland


So it’s up to me to run this again, but there really isn’t much of anything in the pot I’m interested in so I’m opening this up to anyone. If there’s anything in the pot you want and want a go at running a game, make a post and ask to be nominated and I’ll pick someone.


@Fraggles :point_up:


There are some games I’m still interested in so I nominate myself!