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Still Searching #2 - Round #8



At first I thought you were a jokester. But are you a jokester with 160 IQ?

Yes. Every zoo definitely has it.


Again with that condescending attitude. Some people never learn eh?


I love you too.


The post with all the current Q&As and Guesses is a bit far up. So I’ll just put it down here and bump at the same time! :+1:

Current Q&As

Q: Change it change forms? (For example, does heat melt it, in case the question is too vague)
No. It does not change forms under normal circumstances. I mean, technically everything has a melting point…but I’ll say no.

Q: Is man made?

Q: can you make weapons from it? (IE a bow, a gun, etc)
A weapon made from it…I suppose no. Because I think you mean normal weapons and just saying yes will be misleading… So I’ll say it normally doesn’t.

Q: Is it found on Earth?
Yes! Definitely found on Earth.

Question : Is it an animal?

Q: can it fly?

Q: Does it have a close relationship with humans?
In one place, sometimes. In other places, no.

Q: Is it usually present at the zoo?
Yes. Every zoo definitely has it.

G: Horse

G: Tiger.


@GDBringer Q: Is it covered in fur? (ie. a fox, otter, bear, etc.)




@GDBringer G: Lion


@GDBringer G: unicorn


@M00 what sort of magical zoos do you have over there which have unicorns in them?






honestly, if they rly wanted to have a unicorn here, they could definitely pull it off

:carrot: + :horse:




We all know unicorns are in space. Not on Earth. But I will accept Rhinoceros unicornis And say no.

Adding to the pot



Guess: Monkey


Question: is it a herbivore?


I don’t think Monkeys have a fur. You should change your guess before @GDBringer sees it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why not?
What is you distinction here? Between hair and fur?


How do you figure?
I would without question consider monkeys furry, even most if not all Apes too. What else would you call their hair coverage?




I thought fur was like more dense? So hair and fur it’s the same then?


I was googling the meaning of fur and it said that it’s like hair but more dense, but you know what, English is not my first language so if you guys say that Monkeys are furry I believe you :sweat_smile: