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Still Searching #2 - Round #8



Chemically yes they are the same. Its kind of a blurry area, maybe just have a look at these and come ot a conclusion

For me I kind of like this one from the live science article:

What is commonly called “fur” is typically recognized as “the relatively short hair with definitive growth that grows densely over the body,”

and I would consider monkeys to have that.

I believe (which I think one of the articles I linked mentioned) that when it talks about density i think its sort of comparing it to pigs or elephants which have hair over their body, but you would not really consider that a fur and more of just hair.


Thanks @PeteMcc, I get it now.



No. Not purely herbivore.


Good guesses so far from everyone!



G: Is it a gorilla?

(Can’t be Bigfoot, guy not endangered coz we can’t find him, :stuck_out_tongue: )


Yeah, we can’t find him…


I have a hard time figuring what sort of animal most zoos are likely to have, only ever been to one zoo, I have two options in mind too bad I don’t have another question to try to eliminate one of them.

Guess: Lemur


I think the key here is that every zoo has them and they are omnivores. I assume petting zoos are not included.

After looking through my local zoo, the only thing I found that was an omnivore was a Bear.


I thought someone guessed bear already but no one did, let’s try it

Guess : Bear


Bear was my other option, just not sure how many zoos actually have bears and I believe the Polar bear is the one most zoos would have and those are primarily carnivorous and two words.


No one’s mentioned it yet, so I’ll give it a shot:

G: Panda

Pandas are mostly herbivores, but they do sometimes kill smaller animals to eat in the wild (ie. pikas, other small rodents, birds).


Didn’t go for panda because not all zoos have them, relatively few zoos have pandas as they are very strictly controlled by China. All pandas are owned by China and not only are they asking for a lot of money and very strict terms for having them, they’re extraordinarily expensive to feed and care for.


Yup… I wavered between gorilla and bear myself. Hope one of them is the right answer.

Lemur would be good too - yesterday I was randomly exclaiming the word (because I’m a cracked squirrel I guess, lol)




@Norther You can only guess once.





@FacuBlues Wins!

As the mystery word maker, I tried to answer questions that made sense. Pretty difficult!

Especially Fraggles’. I thought they were carnivores but apparently they eat plants. I thought every zoo had some sort of bear. So I thought it was safe to say yes. :man_shrugging: Also, Russians sometimes keep bears as pets or something. I learned a lot about bears.

I also learned they eat animals alive. Normally you think animals kill their prey and then eat them. Nope. I bet I would know that if I watched more animal documentaries.


Thank you for playing! Now @SeekerSupreme. We finished a game. What now?


Now we celebrate

but also, you need to send me your game picks and run the raffle;)


Ok. It took a while to read the OP and figure out what I should do next. I guess I should have added the names to the questions to make this easier to organize.

At the beginning of each round any player can bet on the number of QUESTIONS which will be posted before the correct MW guess is posted.

I’m writing this all down to keep this organized as I’m scrolling all around the post.

Bet: 8

Bet: 5

Bet: 10

Bet: 9

Color me surprised! @Fraggles won by betting 10 questions will solve the MW.

Oh nooooooo! You’re right. Now I need to go back and check the dates.

removed bet

Bet: 12

Any player - who posts a QUESTION or a PHOTO during the round - enters the raffle.
The GM enters the raffle as well - by default.
At the round’s end, GM assembles all the entries and summons the discobot to pick the raffle winner.
The raffle winner receives one game of his choice (from the pot). Please send me your selection.

Q: Change it change forms? 1

Q: Is man made? 2

Q: can you make weapons from it? 3

Q: Is it found on Earth? 4

Question : Is it an animal? 5

Q: can it fly? 6

Q: Does it have a close relationship with humans? 7

Q: is it usually present at the zoo? 8

Q: Is it covered in fur? 9

Question: is it a herbivore? 10

self. 11

Everything after bear doesn’t count. Total of 10 questions. Now I check bets to see who won.

Now that all bets are off. The discobot raffle will start. I’ll leave the numbers and use those to match to the name.

@discobot roll 1d11


:game_die: 2


@Donluis524 WINS!

The raffle has finished. Please be patient in receiving a game.

Key distribution priority:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.