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Still Searching #2 - Round #8




I was really waiting for, "Is it alive? Close enough!


@GDBringer Q: can it fly?



2 days and needed a bump lest people forget the game is still happening.


The proud eagle, a famously flightless bird… wait, no, what?


mmmm i just realized,the MW can’t fly


I think you can change your guess if it hasn’t been answered yet.


Well nothing happened , @GDBringer G: Horse


I will throw a guess out there too:

@GDBringer, G: Tiger.


Q: Does it have a close relationship with humans?




@dast Could you rephrase? Do you mean pets? Farm animal? Commonly seen animal? Symbiotic parasitic animal? If you ask “Close relationship”, I might give an answer you didn’t want.




Does it have a close relationship with humans?


Why would that be, as long as you have a definite answer? If you don’t know for sure, then I’ll change my question.


Well, if that’s what you want.

Q: Does it have a close relationship with humans?

In one place, sometimes. In other places, no.


Seriously, why do you sound so… condescending?


Careful with accessing tone from text sometimes. It may simply be a statement. hugs


It’s still very patronizing with his words, “Well, if that’s what you want.” Like what?! All I did was ask a question to keep the game going.


I think “well, if that’s what you want” was more meant like, “well, if you insist on going with that same version of the question though i advised against it and tried to explain why”

i dont think that’s condescending, seems like a regular statement to me, seems fair and logical to me too given the context

additionally, their answer to your question indeed does not really help in any way, so to me it sounds more like they didn’t want your question to be wasted and were trying to help you more than anything else


And my answers to all his questions afterwards and explaining myself isn’t fair and logical? Isn’t that just siding with one side?


no one said otherwise

they have knowledge we don’t have, which is why they can help you more than you can help yourself, which is what they were trying to do, and the fact is they can only answer that one question

they also respected your opinion, since they did answer it (and their answer indeed shows that they seemingly wanted to help you by making it more specific so their answer could in turn be more beneficial instead of a yes and no)

i think you’re reading to much into what they might have meant with their statement rather than what the statement simply states

if it seemed condescending to neutral parties, neutral parties would tend to agree with you, so perhaps we can agree there’s no need to further discuss this

I personally disagree the statement seems condescending; I’m not siding with anyone on anything cuz i simply don’t even see a need nor a reason for a conflict here; I simply express my opinion regarding the statement seeming to be condescending or not


You’re going off on a tangent here. If you don’t want to have to explain yourself, there’s no need to jump in in the first place. As for the question and answer, it actually says a lot. If you can’t infer the information, that’s on you. Don’t say it like it’s useless.


@GDBringer is it usually present at the zoo?