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Still Searching #1 - Round #7



You’re consistent with how you approach each of your guesses I must say.

The MW is not Pulley. I’m sorry.


@NME1, guess, is it a mill?


Hey Maoski the MW is not Mill. Sorry dude.


It’s all good, I thought it was a worthy guess. :smiley:


Q: Can you carry it?


Yes you can. Quite easily.


I kept debating whether a particular gardening tool or music player could fit the known clues so far best, but I’ll just go with the latter. Maybe it’ll help someone else get their ideas running.

Guess: Phonograph (also known as a record player or turntable)

  • It’s man made
  • It’s not common at home nowadays. Most people who own one are either record aficionados or vintage collectors.
  • It does a job/function that is very useful to those who want to listen to their old music.
  • It can be powered by electricity or mechanically with a hand crank, depending on the model.
  • It has a single wheel on which a record is to be placed upon.
  • It obviously can’t be driven as it’s not a vehicle.
  • You can carry it quite easily. There are some models that can open/close like a briefcase and even include a handle to carry it with.


Guess: CD Player.


Hi @ascherwedel The MW is not CD Player. I’m sorry.


Hi @Luxen The MW is not Phonograph. I’m sorry.
I’ve also seen that when you are GM (which is quite often :wink:) you give subtle hints or clarification.
Is it time for a subtle hint here do you think?


I’m not the GM of this thread’s current round, so only you can decide on that. :sunglasses:


Well, lets try

@NME1 G: Discman?


@NME1: Guess: odd, but is it a Spinning Wheel?

Not sure about: You can carry it quite easily, but I think so.

Edited guess: Is it a Skateboard?


I think since guesses are one word, I have to change it right?


@Danacscott Yes, please:) You can edit it with a different guess, if you have one handy, or take one later, if you prefer.

@NME1 GUESS: unicycle


Good morning all.

@Donluis524 The MW is not Discman. I’m sorry.
@Danacscott :astonished: The MW isn’t Skateboard either. (4 wheels on a skateboard)
@SeekerSupreme The MW isn’t Unicycle.

You are all approaching it from the right Angle. With enough Momentum you’ll Straight Up get it soon.


Typically, yes, but there are some special things out there now, lol.


That’s true I suppose.
I was contemplating a clue/hint but it’s hard without giving it away.
I will however say this; Traditionally/classically/historcally The MW requires a wheel and it’s easy to see them functioning.
Modern electrically powered versions of MW that we use in certain applications to make doing something easier, require no wheel to function at all.


If your skateboard only has one wheel then you could probably do with a MW.


@NME1 Q:Can i find one as a part of my mobile phone (as a part of the electrical circuit not an extra app)
ah stuff it I’ll take a guess anyway
Guess: Gyroscope