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Steam Spring Cleaning 2019


Seems Day 4 games have been postponed til Half Life 3 release.



I missed day 1 speed clean :’(


you only need 15/17 for a full level badge

So it’s all good



First time I’ve visited on my phone


haaax ! :open_mouth:


It’s what I get for not updating the app… lol… But at least I managed to do all of the tasks on my phone in a matter of a total of about 5 minutes. :smiley:


@EyeQue @YQMaoski
They were kinda late for that update though, it was released on the couple last days (said a friend of mine) while the update only popped for me on the very last. Had to do it manually anyway, kept going just for the emotes.


Valve going ecchi with their “fur seal” :joy:


Don’t get your filthy mind all over this clean seal.


i blame that 1 When They Cry ova for that :rofl:


With studying way too many modules than I should be, and working in the travel industry (we all know that means tons of overtime without pay :smirk:), I don’t really have time to game anymore :broken_heart: and with really slow internet, I was worried I wouldn’t make it… but the gods blessed me with a stable connection and I am so proud that I got 17/17. The completionist (and perfectionist) in me is SO happy :’)