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Steam Spring Cleaning 2019


It looks great man, it rly does, but


I just tried it and it just defaults to the first appid that is in there, so if there is a way I do not know how to do it. Interesting thought though


Oh look, the items you get from the event can’t be turned into gems… AGAIN. man this is annoying. Guess I’ll have to list them on the market and hope they sell sometime this year.


they … won’t … ever … sell … ever


They should be pretty easy to sell, people buy sale items like crazy but it is easier with winter and summer sale items. The only thing is I wish Steam would update their market place to make it a quicker process, it is quite brutal as it is now. I still make about $30 a year on steam cards/items but it isn’t fun lol. That is also why I do all Steam sale activities and get badges/levels because higher level=more Steam money :smile:


Well alright, I do love badges/experience. :laughing:


Seems like they fixed.

This was my real first purchase, the other was beta key that I got. haha


no clue what mine would have looked like, just “played” counter strike again and it seemed to trigger, despite the exclusion lol


Uses ASF to play whatever is required never bothered contacting them lol


Apparently my first for my current account was Killing Floor, with the exception “Uninitialized” probably being Dungeonland (which basically no longer exists).

Going back to that after 200 hours of KF2 is gonna be weird o_O


You don’t have to actually play the game though, just start it up. Or use the idlers previously discussed.


I neither have the time or the will for their shenanigans at this point. I have too much going on right now to care about badges or levels.

Everyone else, have fun :heavy_heart_exclamation:


aaand day 2 is borked :unamused:


I’m glad i’m not the only one. I just sent @onLooSe a message on steam about this and figured i check here next.


yea i checked the steam forums too, seems “cycle didn’t reset” or something. so will have to wait until Steam wakes up from the desk nap


I got the top two to work, but the bottom won’t unlock, no matter what I do


I refreshed the page and the list changed, after that, it worked fine:


well, had some time on my hands and tested this, and it didnt work, it was just idling the games that have cards to drop


this isn’t really “spring cleaning”, but, i may be slightly prepped for the next sale’s seasonal cards :blush:

lvl 80 here i come :smiley:

(dang that img format just wont stick :confused:)


I swear there was an alternative idle application for pc that made easy to select which game to idle, much more features generally. Maybe it isn’t active anymore. I’m not gonna mess around with idle master lol