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Probably don’t need to link the store page as well, since you can get there from the review page, less clutter :wink:


@YQMaoski Interested to see your Indivisible review.


It’s coming, the game is really interesting, and I suck at it. I am slowly working on a Let’s Play series, but maybe I will write my review before that’s done.

It has a really unique combat system, definitely designed for controller.

This is probably the epitome of easy-to-learn, difficult-to-master combat mechanic. Your squad is up to 4 characters, arranged like the buttons on a controller, and each button controls the actions of that one character corresponding to the button.

The artwork is really fantastic and a lot of times I am staring at just the hand-painted background or the character details. Definitely don’t do this while you are in combat, it’s a disaster. I have to constantly shift my eyes back to my own party away from all of the distractions in combat. When just running around the environment, the artwork is not just in layered display with good parallax while you are running around in a 2D plane, the objects in the background are made up of a ton of 3D models, and it looks really awesome.

Boss fights are fantastic and really fun, especially when you get used to the combat. For me, it’s about 2.5 hours getting used to combat mechanics and now it’s really smooth.

Anyway, so far the only negative thing I have to say about the game is that the combat heavily relies on your ability to see your characters during combat, and the local terrain is an important feature when engaging in enemies, but this can get in the way at times.


of course it was my own fault for pulling the enemies to this point but when I finally did engage them, I didn’t think I was going to be stuck trying to figure out combat from behind a big environmental 3D model. (You really need to know which one(s) of your characters the enemies are targeting with their attacks to do the combat properly.)

The platforming is not the cleanest, but it’s responsive enough to not be frustrating. There are just some places that are a bit difficult and rather annoying to navigate. But I consider it just an extra challenge, not a detriment.

The dialogue is quite funny and well written. The important plot development is all voice-acted, and done quite nicely too.

I am really enjoying it very much!

I know that it’s quite pricey, but the amount of work it must have taken to put this


But before that, I have just played this game, it’s effectively a free demo of a game not yet released, so it certainly is something that anyone can jump in to play:

It’s really quite fun, some balancing needed, as I played several runs and did not die once, which almost feels like an antithesis of a fundamental rogue-lite. But I am having fun, and if the game wants to make me feel OP, then why not?


Yup! My fav. Twitch Streamer had a similar issue. Fight started at the edge of a ledge. For the whole fight, Razmi and Ginseng keep just falling off the edge and he couldn’t use them at all. It was funny, but yeah, a definite bug.


@Danacscott, as requested. :smiley:

Unfortunately due to the Steam review length limit, I had to shave some stuff, but I think I kept most of the essence.


My opinion on Black Mesa.


Thank you! Awesome review. Think the only thing that would hinder me in the beginning, is the timing of the button presses. The streamer I watched had to get used to that too, but like you … oooh the art. Whole chat was like that for the whole playthrough, lol.

No one would trade this away, so another for the backlog Wishlist when it’s on sale (in a few years from now, lol). I do think for the art/animations alone, it’s worth the asking price.


I’ve written some low effort, not very in-depth reviews, mostly as an archive for myself of my own thoughts on games, but since I wrote them I guess I may as well share them.

So here’s one.


My opinion on Kingdom Come Deliverance


I can believe that review - from the time I saw the character image on the game, I thought: “Dude has a whole lot of worries to sort out”. O_O

Good to know it’s an RPG worth playing through, but from other reviews and watching the price go down, not surprised that’s it a bit glitchy. Pity, because there was a lot of hype behind this one, or maybe that’s just the trend these days. >> Thanks for sharing your review. ^^


Well , it’s really up to you. I’m not entirely sure how old are you but for us old timers ( 28 years old :smiley: ) this is not that big of a deal really.

I’m used to play buggy messes because i grew up with stuff like that and that said it’s not THAT buggy. Other than that it’s just amazing game which really grips you .

One other thing to note is that at least in my experience requires you to have two or three hours to sit down per session because it works best when you have time to immerse yourself in game’s world and that’s then it’s at it best.


You are trying to make me feel old… lol! @delenn13, I think his title can get changed to Young Sloth… :rofl:


@YQMaoski Ikr? Dude be tiny. Hee hee.


Almost 30 is for old timers??? I am scared to ask( and I remind you…I am the MOM here), but what is the terminology for someone in their 60’s???

I am working on this…Just wait for it :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Guys @Danacscott @delenn13 @YQMaoski stop it :smiley:


I’m on @DontBeSilly’s side here. According to the youthful @coralinecastell I’m an ancient gramps whose bones have long since turned to dust and are currently being composted into my next life form. And I’m 29 years old.
I’m sure our poor sloth was the target of similar mockery and thus has my sympathies.

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pets cutesy sloth Hee hee. Alright alright, the squirrel relents. :heart:


Oh, man and I had all these grandiose ideas which included the terms, “wet behind the ears”, young whippersnapper or “Get off my Lawn!”. No fun…:disappointed:

I have t-shirts older than she is…:exploding_head:


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