Steam Keys Giveaway [Closed]

Since I got one of the Fallen Enchantress titles in my wishlist, I’d like to go for that.

I am an actual sloth. No one believe me though.

P.S.: Make a personalized steam library with only the things that matter. Right click a game and set category, create category for your main games and such. You can also hide games from your library.


I already had all the games but the two I entered for. Even the $1 tier is pretty fantastic, and Stardock does a great job with their games.

I’d like to enter for Shoppe Keep !

I would like to sign up for Fallen Enchantress UE and Sorcerer King! Thank you a lot, good luck for everyone!

Entering for Shoppe Keep because it’s been recommended to me more then 20+ times for sure.

gl everyone.

Hi, Fallen Enchantress Ultimate Edition is the one I want the most (SpellForce 2 is my 2nd choice if that’s allowed), thanks!

I would love to get Shoppe Keep! Business management games are always interesting for me!

Shortly about me? I am passionate about aviation and I currently work in aviation training centre in Marketing Department.

Could I have Shoppe Keep please.

I’d enter for Sorcerer King: Rivals, :smiley: im hoping id win, anyways, thanks for your generousity!

well well well well well… well… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
look what the gift horse dragged back in, @Amaryllis3121 tryin’ to one-up Santa before X-mas this year, -again :joy:
not entering, just stopped by to say i approve :+1:, i do so enjoy these things
i hope your giveaway helps to lure more lurkers out into the open and makes this place even more fun :smile:
best of luck everyone, have fun!


I’d like to enter for Shoppe Keep please! Been looking at getting this game for a while now :slight_smile:

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Is this still going? May I put my name in for Fallen Enchantress Ultimate Edition, please.

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I would like Shoppe Keep, thankyou ever so much for the giveaway :smile:

I would like to enter for Sorcerer King: Rivals.

Thanks for all the entries guys, just a quick update cause I’ve been kinda busy, I’ll be closing the giveaway in four/five hours so you’re all good for now. I’ll update the thread title to say it’s closed and PM the winners then :+1:


May I enter for Shoppe Keep please? Thanks :grin:

@Amaryllis3121 Thanks for doing this. Good stuff.

I’d love a chance at winning Spellforce 2. Thanks for the giveaway.

Nope, still not too late, I was about to post and say I’m closing it in fifteen minutes, just noticed there’s a few people active and wanted to make sure everyone got a shot if they wanted one :slight_smile:

Glad that you enjoyed the pics. They are adorable. :purple_heart: Thankfully, they both like to hide when they sleep away most of the day, so I’m capable of getting quite a bit done. :stuck_out_tongue: