Steam Keys Giveaway [Closed]

The keys have now been sent out so if you don’t have a message, I’m afraid you haven’t won. Feel free to join in next time though :slight_smile:.


I want to enter for Fist Slash of Ultimate Fury. Thanks

Hey man, I would like Ratz Instagib if possible.
Have a great day!

I want to enter for any game. Phantaruk (priority) or Eon Altar if it’s possible.

Hello there! It’d be great to have one among:

Eon Altar

Thanks a lot!

I’ll put in for fist slash of ultimate fury, seems like my kind of game.

Thanks a lot for this giveaway!
I’d like to enter for Lumini.
Good luck to everyone :slight_smile:

I’d like to enter for FaceRig if possible as it would be immensely useful for my streams as I don’t really like showing my face. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck y’all.

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Can i have Eon Altar pleeeeease? :3

I’d like to enter for Fist Slash: Of Ultimate Fury, please!
Thanks for the giveaway :smiley:

Hey, thanks for those gifts dude !!! I’ll enter for Blood personally.

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I’d like to enter for lumini, atmospheric relaxation games are a favorite, especially ones with a nice aesthetic i mean sometimes you juST WANT TO CRACK SOME DAMN SKULLS AGAINST A BRICK WALL and some times you just want to chill? you get me?

I would like to enter for facerig.

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I’d love to enter for Phantaruk because the idea of being terrified whilst roaming a spaceship with poor lighting sounds ace.

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One entry for FaceRig right here!

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I’m not sure if we’re only supposed to say the one we want most (Phantaruk), but if not, I’m also interested in Tulpa, Lumini, Blood: One Unit Whole Blood, or Fist Slash of Ultimate Fury.

Sup, Can I enter for facerig please?

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I will enter the Phantaruk giveaway

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Thanks a bunch for these!

I’d really like Lumini

Thanks again, Amaryllis

Thanks for the oppotunity!

I’d be really happy to get FaceRig. I’ll enter for that one.