Steam Key Giveaway! (CLOSED)

I came across some more Steam Keys that I already had.

Please enter by commenting which game you want. Drawing will be held in 48 hours. Closes 11AM MST Friday.

The games are Sunless Sea:

and Nuclear Throne:


Nuclear Thone sounds like fun. I’d like a shot at winning it. :slight_smile:

Sunless Sea pls.

Sunless Sea.

Thanks for doing this!

Nuclear Throne would be awesome!
Thanks for considering me :))

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I’d like to have sunless sea. That’d be pretty cool

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I would like to sign up for Nuclear Throne, please!! :grin::grin:

I would also like Nuclear Throne.

I’d like both of them to be honest, are they up in a bundle somewhere at the moment?
I’ll enter for Sunless sea though, thank you.

Hi. Thanks for doing a giveaway. Nice to see a community that shares. :smiley:

I would like to enter for Sunless Sea please. Heard many good things about it.

Yes please, all aboard for Sunless Sea

I would love Nuclear Throne, sign me up please! :slight_smile:

Entering for Nuclear Throne.

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Signing up for Sunless Sea. Thank you!

Sunless Sea, please. Thank You

Nuclear throne looks fun, I would like to try it, thanks!

I’ll go for Nuclear Throne.

Sunless Sea please

Would love to enter for the chance o receiving Nuclear Throne.

Also thanks for the opportunity, those are two great games!

I would love Sunless Sea. Thanks for a chance!