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Steam Friends?


changing it after likely doesn’t affect the link when made/immediately
i tried the same with some of the borked steam links on the forum/discourse system
one moment broken, then worked, then broken again, then link that was previously broken got working again like because it had worked it was “saved” in the system when “new” broken links posted remained borked
-i have no clue whats going on with the discourse format (or steam), just merely a guess, (and with the glance that it doesn’t look like anyone else up there have a fully private profile either) :thinking: :man_shrugging:


I just went through the entire list, his profile is the only one that’s private, so I’ll take that as the reason.


Ok cool i will try making mine public then


there we go that fixed it


We could try to at lease do the OneBox thing and see if it will work after…

Who knows?

Eh, I posted a second too late… :rofl: It works! Yay!

@Gnuffi did it again!


“come out into the light my alts” :crazy_face:



Phew. Glad that’s resolved :relieved:

I’m kind of OCD with stuff like this and seeing @acb234’s profile not in a proper box like the rest was really bothering me. At least I can sleep easy now.

Goodnight all.


I blame server caching from not letting me see this before :unamused:, thanks for the help.

@acb234 BTW, is up to you if you decide to leave your profile as public, I mean, people have their reasons to keep it private, so I’m OK with it.

@DanosaurJr Buenas noches :blush:, for a moment there I thought the cat had eaten your tongue.


lol, i just tossed out a guess :rofl:, nothing more, :blush:
not like i bonked the steam/discourse servers with a spanner or anything :smile:



Ah no i would rather my profile public It became private due to the steam update that made that default/


(PS. I would never make it sound like i’m trying to persuade/influence anyone of you to set your profile public against your own wishes, your privacy and comfort is paramount, -oneboxing be damned. Especially since can still add as friend regardless of how link is viewed/displayed on forum) :+1:


Sometimes you just need someone to make you think things twice.


Thanks for the add @konguo


opens the curtains!

Make everything public!


Thanks for the add @snake153


It’s a friend adding spree!


Help I’m weak and injured… :laughing:


Great to see the Steam Friends thread got so much action over the last few days? :grin:

Oh, where have I been the last few days?

In dungeons.

40 hours over the past 3 days crawling through dungeon after dungeon. I’ll probably be here forever.

It’s a hard life. Everyone’s stressed out. People are dying.

…posted 8 hours ago. :worried:

Has anybody sent help yet!?


Sorry I can’t, busy playing Police simulator 2017 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


But that’s the definition of sending help Nate! :cry: