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Steam & EA Partnership.



It has been announced that Steam & EA have made a new partnership and EA games & EA Access are coming to Steam.


EA better sell The Sims Medieval back on Steam. As well as updating their old Steam copy of it to include the Windows 10 compatibility patch they gave to their copy on Origin. Also they need to patch up the Steam version of Spore so it can seamlessly logon to the game’s servers without needing to re-redeem and redownload it through Origin first before it can log onto the servers.


okay that is mighty curious, i wonder what sparked that, huehue, -since EA was notorious about not wanting to share cuts with Valve and their whole dlc/mtx business
I wonder if they see it as a gateway/steppingstone with EA Access to either draw people in or bind them to their Origin platform :smirk:

either way, i hope it makes them take a look at their current steam catalogue with borked Origin drm registrations :sweat_smile:


Yo I created this thread a while ago, m8.

@delenn13 should we merge?

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oh, and ressurect Dark Spore onto the steam servers!!


My guess, and hope, is it’s a move to finally silence EGS :rofl:


Ah well i did not see it sorry.


would be epicly hilarious if they do this steam move, and some, whatever, new game gets bribed to an EGS exclusive anyway :joy:


yeah i think this might be why they did it.


So what you’re saying is…





(might just wait till it drops in Humble Monthly though, which it probably will in 8 months or so, hopefully)


Holy Cow!

Ngl that’s pretty awesome.


Awesome. While I myself don’t mind Origin, this partnership is rather interesting to say the least. Although I’m not sure if they would pull a Uplay and force them to use Origin anyway


it does require origin, that was almost an obvious move from EA to not ditch that
check the store page for Jedi: Fallen order, it even has double notice of Origin/ea account image


Honestly I’m not sure it looks that good…Star Wars games are cursed it would seem.


This is a new era for Star Wars games. (hopefully, and it started with the two new battlefront games, which are excellent) (also, it’s by Respawn, which does stand for great single player games usually [as well as yr drug of choice, lol])


Well as far as that goes…this might be of interest in how this will work. An Apex dev posted this yesterday regarding the game coming to steam -

Not true. Your games will launch directly with Steam without running Origin.

Possibly just Apex, possibly he’s wrong, but maybe EA is learning…


I think this is a good thing. Removing client exclusives is a great thing. This is a big step. Maybe more will do the same.


Um, what?

If Apex comes to steam and doesn’t require Origin I will probably buy get it. Otherwise, what’s the point of buying it on steam if origin is just going to launch it anyway? Consolidation of games also doesn’t make sense because of GOG Galaxy 2.0


Um, yes, have u played them? (as for the second one, i’m talking about how the game is now, not at release, as what matters now is how the game is now)

how r u going to buy a free-to-play game though?