Steam Challenge

So I was recently looking for things to do while I patiently wait for Black Friday to get a Nintendo Switch and my mind drifted back to the Steam Spring Sale where Valve was trying to get users to play their old Steam games again soooooooooooo

I will be, starting today, going through all me old Steam games and at LEAST getting them to 25% achievement completion :smiley:

The only games I will be excluding from this are as follows:

  • Games with no Steam achievements
  • Games I have 0% achievements in (They don’t count towards completion but you can if you want to)
  • Games that have too many achievements (Think Payday 2 levels)
  • Games that simply won’t run/crash too often

I’m challenging everyone else to do the same and play some of your old Steam games you’ve forgotten about or wrote off as just plain awful.

I have complete 6 games to at least 25% just today out of my 328 game library (98 games are eligible for this) :smiley:


I have like 30 games :expressionless: and I already played the crap out of almost all of them :upside_down_face:


Help me do my library! :cry:



-yea, i’m not gonna go through my x00 library, (or dig out some 10-14 yo game), and just play it “again” to get X%/“more” completion, no way no how do i got the time or desire for that :dizzy_face: :man_shrugging:

but best of luck to you, have fun with it :+1:
(seems a bit weird to say luck since it’s not about luck with that task, “break a leg” better here in this sense?, -tho not an acting/“performing” gig either):thinking: :face_with_head_bandage:


Not to be rude or anything but if you don’t want to do the challenge then you don’t have to respond.


I’ve been trying to do something similar for the past year or so. I admit that i did play a lot of HOG’s but i actually enjoy those. It’s just that they aren’t that hard to perfect and sort of inflate the completion percentage. It’s incredibly annoying with games that have achievements locked behind DLC.


no worries, no offense taken :+1: :hugs:
-think i’m just saying, the “challenge”, might be more or less so/“intriguing”, depending on ones library size/age/“played” too :wink:
i recall HL2 being one of the earlier games i just quit quickly on replaying, precisely because it had gotten achievements and i wouldn’t be arsed with that then -and not replayed it since subsequently, :man_shrugging:


It is my typical policy to once starting a game play it through to the end unless it can’t run on my computer.

So I am already doing this challenge I guess.

I set the bar to 35% achievement since that is typically how many achievements it takes to complete the story mode.


I have 30% already, I wanted to do that challenge long ago, but i prefer to complete good games than play the bad ones. I have 14 perfect games atm.


I have around 2.5k games…

Getting there though!


Just checked your library…I really wish you had Devil Daggers…then you’d understand the meaning of pain. Just the one achievement, and you need to sell your soul to get it!


:laughing:I have some hard ones in here though. Right now Garry’s Mod is kicking my butt.


Thanks for reminding me of another one i need to work on…



I feel you! I have hundreds of games and only a few hours a day to play them. I keep buying games on good sales for when “someday” comes. I just bought Borderlands on HB’s spring sale but haven’t even started it up yet. Just no time! Last week, I didn’t play anything for 5 days in a row. :worried:

I wish I could do this! The ADHD will not allow it.

I play little bits of lots of games, or obsess over one game for all my free time in a week, get it almost complete, forget about it for months, come back, feel like I have to start over. :confused:

I don’t usually forget about them. They sit there in my library taunting me. Scrolling past everything I do want to play but have no time for, thinking, “Someday…” :pensive:

Then, there are a handful of games that might be awful, most of them coming from giveaways. I have to try them to see. The awful games I remove from my library. So happy that I can do that!

Even though I won’t be able to keep up right now, I must say, great idea for a challenge!


I actually have to do a playthrough of Borderlands 1 (I think I got the GOTY edition for a dollar a while back)


didn’t that one, Garry’s Mod, become impossible to 100% now since garry moved on? :thinking: :sweat:

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So I just went through my entire Steam library and 98 games are eligible for this challenge.

It would be slightly higher but certain games (looking at you Witcher 2 and Oddworld) crash on me no matter what I do and others like King’s Quest and Hitman I only own the free first episode of.


To be honest I don’t think I 100% any of my games :sweat_smile:. I’m not much of a achievement hunter, I just complete the game then stop, and if it’s free play I just mess around not intentionally getting them :expressionless:


can only imagine the pain it is for some that wants that…
i think i have 1 game currently that pisses me of on a single cheevo, because it’s “just 1 left”, but it’s ridic to get because of the games clunky controls combined with the achievement conditions,
-still that “it’s just 1 left” keeps nagging in the back of my mind “because it just seems so simple” to get one single final done… :confounded:

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It’s okay, looking at those achievements, there’s no way i’ll get a lot of them. “Start GMod 1000 times… Waste a year of your life playing GMod… Play with 10 friends… Your Workshop uploads got ___ thumbs up…” Not going to happen, i just want to raise the completion because that 3% it’s sitting at is hurting my overall completion rate.

Abyss Odyssey… there’s no way i’ll ever get this.