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Steam Awards 2019 - Nominations



It’s that time again. To stay true to every year don’t forget to nominate games from like 2012 and Skyrim for best VR :smiley:.
A bit of free experience like always.


I tried to vote for games I truly wanted to, but it seems bugged out. It gives me a selection it wants and only that, not even searching a game up and trying that way works. Oh well I suppose. :frowning:


As always, wait for a later time to do stuff in steam sale, it will always be a mess and have huge traffic.


Man this one is going to be hard considering steam is recommending you to choose games released in 2019.


Gosh, the suggestions that Steam gives me really suck…


aren’t they based on what you played?


Yup, I played a lot of sucky games this year, a lot of play for 1 hour and then hide from the library games show up in the list… and Non VR games show up in the VR category, seriously…


I just pressed random buttons as always.


Does anybody know what to pick for “The Best Game You Suck At” nomination?

I can’t really remember games where you continue to stay bad even after hours of gameplay. Even if the game is punishing, you either stop being bad eventually, or quit.Then again, I don’t play competitive multiplayer, so maybe that’s that.

Also, I wish they had more genre-specific nominations…


It’s a stupid category, asking people about which games made you rage quit basically.

I nominated Sekiro, but I never played… lol… I just know that a lot of people gave up on it, and I plan to play it one day, though that one day is probably a long ways away…


:grinning: then i’m just nominating Oxygen Not Included. It got out of Early Access in 2019, so it should count. I only played it once in 2018. for 20 minutes or so, and decided to return to it later, when I would have enough energy and mental power to learn how to play it. It’s been more than a year since then, so the day has yet to come…


these are my nominations this year.


My selection for The Game of the Year was based more on being a path of least resistance to achieve the Steam Awards Nomination Committee 2019 badge, than my belief that the game was worthy of said nomination.


Here’s my list:


If anyone cares. Nominated Slay the spire for VR game just so I had a game I actually could play and recommend for the badge. Because I have not played a single game actually released in 2019 it would seem.

I kind of think early access releases should count from when they went into early access too. I’ve played an awful lot of hours of Slay the spire, almost none of them in 2019.


Here’s mine…For what it is worth. I tried to do mostly Indie games.


My turn, my turn!

As always, pushing annoying stuff like VR and 2019 games only. So I had to include stuff that I didn’t care or didn’t play yet.





Yee! Thanks for making this thread.

Baba is You is absolutely deserving of my “The Best Game You Suck At Award”. :joy: