Steam Awards 2018


Winners have been announced


this is what i voted for,


this is mine,

and as we know; because it’s mine, it’s the only correct one, and anyone that votes differently are obviously not a real person and must be botting for votes to maintain the grip of the Matrix on innocent trapped batteries,
-because mine is right, so like what i like because i like it… or else :triumph: :crazy_face:



Always struggling picking a GAME OF THE YEAR. Rarely(if ever) do i buy games of the current year, because why get something now, when you could get it later, for cheap. :money_mouth_face: Guess i’ll just nominate a particularly enjoyable one from the yesteryear.

I’ll be back, i guess. :expressionless:


There you go, Happy?

Moronic me forgot CrossCode left early access this year. Please disregard the brain damaged man going through. :crazy_face:


It’s always a struggle!

This year I tried to ‘keep it in the 2018’ by choosing mostly games released this year. But sometimes I don’t even know what I’m doing.

Some of these are games I’ve only watched and don’t own myself because I didn’t want to spend 12h thinking of something that is worth an award. But here are my ‘reasons’:

  • GOTY - I spent a lot of time thinking what should be GOTY, usually people will pick something AAA right? But I never tend to choose those. So there you go, it fits! 2018, good game, fun to play. Pretty Pixels!
  • VR - It’s one of my excluded tags on the store, because it never interested me, so I gave it to the memes rather than to something that deserves the award.
  • Labor of Love - What can I say, it’s been in development for quite a while and the developer is trully someone who cares for his creation. Also, it’s a single dev! I’m sure there are plenty others like this, but he got my absolute respect. Pretty Pixels!
  • Best Dev - The above wasn’t listed as an option, so I thought of the best dev team there is out there, if you check their videos you’ll know what I’m talking about.
  • Environment - It’s 2018 title, never played, but it looks pretty. Sloths love forests you know. And they didn’t release new Ori and the Will of Wisps this year.
  • Friends - It is, end of argument. Pretty Pixels!
  • Alt History - Will happen at some point in the future, I’m sure of it.
  • Machine - These machines are awesome, and it feels like you’re collecting them! Pretty Pixels!

@Gnuffi we have the same “better with friends”: Gremlins, Inc. I love your VR choice (check out mine!). No words for your last pick.

@HouGuard your “game of the year” is brilliant.

@Enki I’m sweating just looking at your “better with friends”. DESGUSTANG
(oh, and your “alternate history” is the best one so far, although I also really chuckled at @TR3NT’s)


This was really hard this year, not many funny categories I could just put whatever into this time around. Doesn’t help that I’ve pretty much played only 2 games this year, only one of which came out even recently, involves machines, VR, or friends.

Avoided looking at any of your nominations before deciding on my own. But it looks like I’m sharing a few with some of you.

Developer of the year has unfortunately mostly turned to “Developer who hasn’t actively screwed anyone over this year, to my knowledge”.


I’m just picking random games because 1) my vote won’t matter since i don’t vote mainstream, and 2) i just want the badge (and XP that goes with it)


I just want the badge, so all games are random, but Devolver as best developer (which they’re not) and Enter The Gungeon as game of the year is a choice!


My masterpiece is done. I believe that Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Yugo’s Synchro Dimension (DLC) should win Game of the Year.


Just finished my own awards, though there’s a few here and there that I’m not 100% on. I spent way too much time on this.

Explanations below.

Game of the Year

  1. RimWorld
  2. Metal Gear Survive
  3. Red Faction Guerrilla Remarstered
  4. Warhammer: Vermintide II
  5. Cuphead

Really tough call here. I wanted to keep it to only remasters and new games from this year, ruling out a lot of good candidates for games that kept on getting updated (like Killing Floor 2). VR games were also ruled out, since they have their own category.

So, the final version of RimWorld won it out. It’s an amazing game, highly recommended to even the most casual sim fan. None of the other games were as consistently full of highs and screw-you moments as RimWorld, as even its downtime is a constant game of scaling up your settlement.

VR Game of the Year Kiddie Pool

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin... but oh boy it was close!
  1. Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin
  2. Pavlov VR
  3. Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades

Really tough call. H3VR and Pavlov are amazing games by passionate devs, and both have taken a lot of my time, but I’m giving it to the reason I got a VR device in the first place and the most impulsive purchase I’ve ever made (one hour of time between seeing the announcement trailer on YT and purchase). It was awkward since everyone around me watched me freak out realizing that the “announcement trailer” that came out of nowhere for the game was a PC port.

So, yeah. The reason why I looked into buying a headset in the first place, a device that I picked up partially in the vain hope that Psychonauts VR would eventually get a port. It took two years of waiting, but it was 100% worth all the avoiding spoilers and waiting it out.

It’s a proper point-and-click (obligatory @coralinecastell tag) adapted into a first-person view, where the canvas of your interactions is everything you can see. All your abilities in the game are seamlessly adapted from the original game’s lore and mechanics, ranging from telekinetic physics-based grabbing to clairvoyance as a teleportation mechanic, navigating the world by borrowing their eyesight for a moment, and of course, setting fire to things. It ends just as it’s getting old on a very high note, and as a side note, I can’t wait for Psychonauts 2.

As a side note, this was a really close call. If you buy a VR headset at any given time, be ready to spend $60 on all three of these.

Labor of Love

Tie! Killing Floor 2 and Red Faction Guerrilla.
  1. Killing Floor 2
  2. Red Faction Guerrilla
  3. RimWorld (already got an award)
  4. Devil May Cry HD Collection (I love that it’s getting new ports, but they also never fixed the port problems in DMC1, so… bit of a mixed bag there).

I’m stuck between this and Red Faction Guerrilla. I love both games to death, but while one has been steadily getting amazing content updates, the other got a 4K texture overhaul and audio cleaning that fixed all of my problems with the original release, all picked up from a completely different publisher at no cost. You’ll see me switch between these two a lot, even though RF:G got an award already.

Best Developer

THQ Nordic
  1. THQ Nordic
  2. Focus Home

There was no competition. No other publisher has been so insanely committed to its fans and respectful of its IPs. From saving Wreckfest, to reviving Darksiders, to remastering Red Faction, to bringing back old classics, to acquiring Timesplitters from CryTek, to navigating the legal minefield surrounding the Heavy Iron Spongebob platformers on the original Xbox, they have no equal. They’re doing exceptional work.

I put Focus Home here as “competition” because I like Spiders.

Best Environment (oh here we go)

Metal Gear Survi-- wait stop I can explain!
  1. Metal Gear Survive
  2. Cuphead
  3. Red Faction: Guerrilla
  4. Warhammer: Vermintide II and Overkill’s The Walking Dead (Tie)

Tough competition here, but I’ll give it to Metal Gear Survive for its use of the environment. (I can already here the collective groaning of every other user reading this). The volumetric fog walls, surreal visuals, excellent balance between style and function (randomized salvage gets dumped out unceremoniously by portals, zombies are prone to walking towards cliffs and looking the wrong way if you play your cards right), and the single best lighting mechanic I’ve ever seen in a game is here when your entire chance of success depends on if you can still make out the bright green light of Base Camp or a safe wormhole transport through all the dust. That’s not even counting the survival mechanics, where animals can be found in hunting grounds of sorts, and a pocket oasis in the middle of the Dust is one of the most pleasant things you can come across.

When somebody suggested to me that Konami should add an angler fish enemy, I wanted to punch him. I can only take so much spoopy

Every other game here did amazing things with their artwork, being highly faithful to their source material and looking amazing. Cuphead needs no introduction, Vermintide II has a perfectly realized setting of classic Warhammer lore now decaying and overrun by a tide of vermin, and RF: Guerrilla has so many small touches in its environment that it’s hard not to love even the sickly yellow dunes in the Badlands with the amount of variety.

I also have to give credit for Overkill’s TWD and its great use of zombies as ambience. Resident Evil: ORC was a bugged mess, and Umbrella Corps is dead, but I really felt like those games were onto something with its ideas of fighting zombies as an ambient threat and environmental hazard. The more cautious you are, the more braindead their AI is to the point where the game feels like playing Dishonored on easy. Then, your gunfights have a multilayered complexity from having to quiet your enemies with LOUD GUNS before they fire their LOUD GUNS at you, making LOUD GUN noises. If you can’t keep your noise under control, the environments go from desolate and serene overgrown streets to hordes of tightly packed and angry walkers, and there isn’t a thing you can do other than try to continue your mission. Still, it does cheat a bit in obvious places, and it overall hurts the atmosphere.

Regardless of any of those things, MG Survive is in a league of its own thanks to its successful implementation of environment and visuals as game mechanics. I’ve already gushed about this game in the “Favorite Generally Hated Games” thread.

Better with Friends (only Steam, Sea of Thieves doesn’t count)

Warhammer: Vermintide II
  1. Warhammer: Vermintide II
  2. Killing Floor 2 doesn’t count, not new.
  3. Metal Gear Survive

Most of my actual answers were ruled out since they’re not on Steam (Sea of Thieves would have been my go-to answer here). I also don’t intend to buy Fallout 76, because… well, you decide. So, a really fun game that didn’t really win any awards in my book (high praise from somebody that really didn’t care for the first one) won it out here.

The co-op fun of MG Survive is good and all, but feels more like isolated raids when the real part of the game I enjoyed was the singleplayer experience. Vermintide II won by a small bit, plus I know I’ll get called out super hard if I give MG Survive even one more award.

Here’s to another year of not having a computer strong enough to play From Other Suns!

Best Alternate History

Darksiders III
  1. Darksiders Franchise (III?)
  2. Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive was my go-to answer, since it’s hard not to admire how they nailed the series staple of hamfisted politics explained by sci-fi BS. Still, hats off to Darksiders III. Didn’t really imagine the Bible would be cooler if you added Warcraft-looking blacksmiths and giant rock monsters, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Most Fun with a Machine

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered
  1. Red Faction Guerrilla Remarstered
  2. Metal Gear Survive

Cars are not cars. They are five ton objects that can be used as battering rams, explosive barrels, getaway devices, and most importantly, explosive-propelled projectiles.

Taken from a video review I never finished

Also, mechs. Sorry Survive. Not a chance. (put down your pitchforks now please)


Thanks for tagging me on this. I see that my reputation preceeds me. :+1:

Also like for effort!


I should have probably mentioned that the tag was under “VR GotY.” Sorry about that!


Patience is a virtue! :angel:


It’s a shame that Fallout 76 isn’t on Steam right now, otherwise…

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it’d have a mostly negative score?


About Fallout 76. I saw on PSN, only one week after release it’s already gone down from 60 to 40 bucks. F#ck that must feel just dandy.

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That’s being generous :grin:

But, who knows, history isn’t made of ifs.

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Pixelripped 1989 for me :slight_smile:

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