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Steam Awards 2018



The Steam Awards 2018 nominations have been announced.


aaand once again the “official nominations” make me barf :face_vomiting:
it’s like people don’t even grasp the categories…
Ubisoft and Bethesda on the “Best developer” list are you shitting me royally?
PUBG is a buggy hacker infested money milking mess how can people still think it’s GOTY
and to put no man’s sky and gta V stains in the same category as Path of Exile and Stardew Valley is just straight up insulting to video games, “labour of love” my arse :triumph:
once a gain people voted for what they “play” not what’s actually fitting of the title/award category, -thank fck these awards mean nothing and i won’t have to go an entire year of being grumpy and feeling like Bad Rats got snubbed :confused:


Even though none of us are happy with the “official nominations” I do think we had a feeling it was coming…

That’s why I am happy to be writing reviews for indie games, because they don’t get as much attention and notice.


The fact that Bethesda managed to get not ONE but TWO titles on the VR space for $60 re-releases with zero polish and even content locks for owned content… that’s abysmal.

This really just begs the question… do the voters in that category even own a VR headset?

I was expecting the votes to be way off as always, but this is just… a late, out-of-season April Fools joke.


The badge-earning system does push people to vote for VR even if they do not have one. Not to mention that people tend to just vote for whatever they like without thinking much of the category/context. So the result is not surprising.


Just tell me the important bit: how to get more free stuff from this :stuck_out_tongue:


Voting for the Nominations are now open.


Y’alls better vote exactly like i did to try and rectify this awards mess :triumph:
-or else… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I am struggling right here…


digital extremes hands down


CD Project Red and Klei are acceptable options. I was having problems though as the site wouldn’t accept that particular vote, every other one registered without issue.

Even now, it has accepted my vote but it says I voted for “uninitialized”. Something’s wonkey for sure.

Best alternate history was the hardest one as there was almost only trash on offer. Environment had a few acceptable choices though.


yea but they chose to not finish cyberpunk 2077 for a 2018 release so really don’t think they should get an award for deciding for a release “TBA” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(i mean how hard/long can such a game’s development process be, it’s been over 3 months already comn already!) :smile:

agree so much, i caved and submitted to Wolfenstein because despite bethesda and probably a mediocre game(assumption without playing), at least it lets you blow away nazis with dual shotguns, and that’s always sorta okay :blush:


I will close my eyes and hope I can pick the least crap out of everything without launching like tons of apps on my compute :smiley:

I don’t see a better way for this… and actually I’m going blind by just looking at the nominees :rofl:


these are my choices, & i agree with @Fraggles “Best alternate history” was one of there harder choices but i heard Civ VI is a pretty good game so i voted for them.


The fact that they force everyone’s votes into place is a system that will be designed for failure, or at least leaned towards the more popular titles instead of maybe better ones, I think. Once again, that VR category is hinky, everyone’s going to vote, whether they have VR or not. And why can’t we put in write-in titles for these, like we should be able to…



Only two of my nominations were elected, none of them was of the ones I was really wanted to be there, lol


the main problem (besides that “popularity” issue) is how the awards nomination page worked/works,
you couldn’t even give proper credit to those that made X game
since if a developer didn’t have a “Publisher page” you coudln’t even nominate them, and if like in FromSofts case with Dark souls you are the dev of a game, you get “tied” to Namcos publisher page and it gets listed as “Bandai Namco” for best dev, :man_facepalming:


I was trying to type Team Cherry in during the nominations time, but it wouldn’t work… I was sad…


exactly they were my choice too, i had a couple of indies that didn’t work because they didn’t have a publishers page too, and other stuff just got tied to publisher like in the case with FromSoft