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Stardew Valley: Multiplayer


so is anyone here playing in the beta? I just installed it and am willing to try playing with people here


So far, as far as I know, @Enki and @coralinecastell are playing the multiplayer beta.


Is this game as time crunchy as Harvest Moon? I remember always being out of cash to do festivals and such?

Your farm pictures look really nice guys.


I’m not entirely certain what you mean but time is definitely one of your main resources to manage so better make a plan and figure out how to best spend every second in the most optimal way.


I haven’t touched it, not sure if I wanna venture into beta mess. I’ll wait for the stable version and get my mods back on track.

If you don’t like how fast time goes in the game, there are mods to fix that. Like, pause time when you’re inside a building or just slow down the clock entirely. You can even become a chronomancer! :sweat_smile:


It is tons of fun, we haven’t really noticed any major issues so far and they have already released like 8 updates/fixes, which is awesome. Although for now we are not using any mods since the beta is so early.


@Enki Yes, that’s what I meant by “time crunchy”. In Harvest Moon, I used to enjoy fishing so much that I always ran out of time to ship, hence always being out of money, lol.

I’m having the same “panic! panic!” feeling with The Sims 3. >.< Chronomancy sounds stellar. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m not a fan of that either, so I like to give the day a bit more of time overall. I guess that it would be fine as it is in the multiplayer since you have more people to do the various things.

If you consider picking up the game and have chronomancer powers, all you’ll need is a modding API called SMAPI and the TimeSpeed mod. It’s really simple to use and configure, then you’ll have all the time you need for fishing. :fishing_pole_and_fish:


Thanks for the tips. Probably not buying much until the Winter Sale on Steam at the end of the year, if anything. I’m trying to save pennies for items I ordered online (tax may apply) and a book that is still being written, :).

In most MMORPGs it’s the same thing with me - I level up so I can go into higher areas to fish. Sometimes I just snuck around and fished anyway. Managed to find a secure cave to fish in Final Fantasy XI. Unfortunately, what I caught killed me, ^_^. Death by slime. Long live the mighty slime! :stuck_out_tongue:


I laughed so hard at my desk people came into my office assuming I’d found something funny on Reddit. #SometimesIDoWork


I think it’s gonna be a blast, I play Stardew on console, so I can’t wait.


Haha… Can’t believe I just now saw this. That’s awesome :slight_smile:


My friend and I tried this a little while. It’s cool in that you can water each other stuff and you share money. Kinda weird in that you can’t get a special cut scene from the same NPC in the same day. Like with the fisherman, had to get fishing rod from him on the next day.