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Stardew Valley: Multiplayer


so guys, I just played the multiplayer with a friend and it was loads of fun! highly recommended.

however, it’s very very buggy thus far, so the chest glitched out on us, the 300-wood bridge didn’t get built for both of us at the same time…

and one thing I’m still unsure is a downside or an upside is that the total cash is the same for both players, as if it were the “farm’s earnings” rather than X’s or Y’s players individually.

so yeah, thought I’d share! I bet combat will be really fun together, though. :butterfly:


It’s been a ton of fun so far and I’m curious to see how relationships and whatnot will play out.

I should add the major glitch I ran into with a friend too. If one of you faint before getting in bed at 2 the screen will remain black. The workaround we found was to have one guest temporarily leave (not the host), that let it play out correctly and the host can save.


How does the game handle the day night cycle with 2 players? If the host goes to bed what happens to the guest? Do you both have to get to bed before the day cycles? Does the first in bed then have to lie around and wait for the other(s) to come home?


I think the day doesn’t end until both players get into bed…


just watch tv a bit


It does look like they are doing a good job trying to fix all of the bugs ASAP, so that is awesome.


watched Lirik play this yesterday with his 2 buddies; he was trolling them hard stealing all their stuff, their TV’s, chairs, tables, rugs, even the windows and the fireplaces, lol, and then in the end he started putting them in the container outside the house so shit got sold



Yes you both need to sleep. Fortunately days in Stardew are short and end automatically after 2 at night so you’re usually pretty well synced.


Not if you’re like me and use mods to make days longer

Has anyone tried the 1.3 mods in multiplayer?


The one and only mod I really wanted for stardew valley was one to make lightning rods actually prevent damage to my farm. But they don’t, lightning just goes wherever it wants and WILL ruin your giant crops last I checked. That just random unpreventable chance to get screwed really bothered me.

But I could not find any such mod at the time.


bro, with all due respect, but with what happened with your tv last time, I think I’ll pass.


sloth using mods to make day longer ?
-can has times to fit more naps in ! :exploding_head:
seems about right :wink: :+1:


I never grew giant crops, the only thing I remember noticing being destroyed by lightning in my farm was trees, fortunatelly.

I ran a lot of mods when I was playing, both visually and mechanically. I couldn’t stand Stardew’s brightness on everything so I had to make things a bit more of my taste.

Now I’m curious, does any of you got some nice screenshots of your farm to share? :heart_eyes:


“nice” is subjective right? This is my first summer’s blueberry farm. The layout was planned around the copper watering can doing 3 in a line. So I could go around each side of each bed and water a line at a time and the route I took would let me refill the can when needed.

I never bothered much with prettying the place up and kept the wild nature of the farm’s unused area for a number of reasons, mainly because it was an unnecessary expenditure of energy to clean it up just to clean it up. Also seemed a waste to cut it all down and store it rather than just take what resources I needed when I knew what to do with it.


I just added the left side of my farm, it’s still wild too. :rofl: I like having my own forest because I love woods and rain, you know, I’m a sloth.

I have only a few crops that need manual watering now, most of them have sprinklers and my plan was to be a wine farmer, so crops are there just to look pretty, mostly. But nothing absurd, I just plan to have a couple sheds for the wine and a greenhouse with premium crops. Then use the money to furnish the interior of my house.

The only thing I’m missing in screenshots is the animals area. I think I only have it with older visuals.


Found my old saves, this is still an old version of the game so a lot have changed since. But here’s my 2nd spring farm.

My kitchen is shock full of barrels making wine. Also have a chicken coop and a barn with some cows in on the left side and a smallish orchard 8-10 trees I think.

I remember planning out a 2nd unit of this configuration for the summer season. But burnt out on the game at this point and haven’t played it since. Partially because lightning would keep zapping my cauliflowers.


Sigh… I guess I actually have to get this game now don’t I?


i’m still trying hard to not succumb to these fluff talks or obvious marketing screenshots
must, resist, urge, to, become, a, digital, farmer…! :persevere:
-i. gotsta. stay. stronk. and. not. buy. "byebye life/time"game!!!



I feel you there. :sweat_smile: