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Sonic Adventure DX Giveaway (Closed - Check PMs)


Hi folks,

This is just a small one-game giveaway, without the usual fanfare.

I am giving away a Steam key for this game:

Collecting names for the next 1 day and 9 hours, to end on Chrono daily deal update time on Saturday, December 29, 2018.

We still need some rules, but they will be simple:

  1. Two (2)-week Chrono forum membership
  2. Eight (8) badges
  3. Of course you will need to tell me that you want to enter
  4. A “like” is appreciated, but optional

The winner will be drawn by discobot in the usual manner, in a semi-private digital hyperspace inhabited by our community giveaway crew. Once drawn, the winner will be sent a PM by me, and I will expect to hear back in a reasonable time frame (48 hours) with continued interest, after which you will receive the key. Otherwise, the key shall be tossed into the hands of the RNG overlord to determine the next locale.

Good luck everyone!


Well, my first thought was that it would be good to participate so i could gift it to my kids, but when i saw how big the discount was and how low it is priced i just went and gifted it to them anyway, lol, so thx for inspiring me to do so, and gl to whomever does enter.


I don’t have this game yet, and I remember playing it at my mates house so this would be good!


I would like to join in too!


Thanks for the giveaway!:+1:t2:


hello, i don’t have it so I would like to enter, thanks for doing this. <3


I have an extra key i can add to this if you line then we can have two winners.


Sweet, I’d like to enter.


Awesome, thanks!


now its time for you to gift them a proper console. you cant expect them to grow up and become normal persons without a CONSOLE!!!

also sonic on pc - no, no…


sorry, but i think consoles are the worst form of oppression towards gamers there is (but i admit i long to play most PS exclusives…) and i rly cant understand why ppl submit themselves to it voluntarily (and mind u, i grew up with consoles from the first sega master system onwards and only started playing on pc when i was close to 30)

and then there’s also the fact that u can pay a year’s rent (modest apartment in a modest neighborhood, or 2.5 months where i live) with the price of a PS4 Pro here, and a $60 game is also enough to pay one month of rent… i think u’ll understand that that would not be far from madness (depending on one’s means ofc)


I would like to join.


i was talking more like in line of a regular snes and ps1, sega etc. or a raspberry pi with retropie on it if you cant afford snes cartridges, etc. not these new consoles that are in fact gimped pcs with bad framerates.


I’d love to enter! Good luck to all.


Already have this game but thanks for doing this giveaway!

I spent many many hours of my childhood playing it and it’s sequel.


Never played a Sonic Game but interested in trying it out! Entering :). GL ALL!


Hi there! I have a spare Sonic Adventure DX key to submit to the giveaway, if that’s ok. So there will be 3 winners!

I really enjoyed this game in childhood despite all its flaws, it was my first Sonic game, too.


I’m torn. On one hand I kinda want to play it, but on the other hand there’s my backlog.



Well, @DownwardConcept, I am going to throw your name in there for the drawings anyway. :slight_smile:

I just realized that I had added an extra day from intend on the original post, so I will allow for entries until tomorrow’s Chrono update.


If it’s still open i’m interested in joining ^^