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Sonic Adventure DX Giveaway (Closed - Check PMs)


All open still, I put in the wrong date, so I will close it in about 22 hours.


ehhh, it’s Sonic! Drop me into the mix, please.

Thanks to those who provided the keys for this giveaway!! You all rock




Is it still open? If so count me in


This giveaway ends in 1 hour and 10 minutes. That’s also when the new daily deal arrives, got it?

EDIT: It’s now 30 minutes until total termination of giveaway.


i would like to join, if it´s still open


The original Sonic title for the Dreamcast?! Count me in!

Thank you, @YQMaoski , for yet another giveaway. Here’s to another great year of :video_game: games :computer_mouse: , community :handshake: , and :champagne: good cheer :smile: !


Closed. Drawing now.



All 3 winners have been sent PMs, so make sure you check and respond within 48 hours!

Thanks for playing everyone!