Some negative reviews for pronouns in a game

In the new game Battletech you can chose between he, she and they
People are seriously giving negative reviews for the game, because they don’t like transgenders
It’s 2018 if I read all the discussions about it on the steam forum … luckily the devs are closing those threads
I wish steam took more control over the reviews :angry:


sadly we’ve proven “date”/year doesn’t matter concerning humongs
some people will either just complaint to complaint
or complaint to stick to what rigid sense of "i’m used to this"type thing (jokes about “old” people complaining about rock or tech comes to mind)
and sadly this is an “in” topic, so people already with opinions are gonna jump on the matter their way,
and perhaps people that had not formed an opinion prior decides to jump a bandwagon “just 'cos”, or wastin a few secs for a bit trollin is passing the time for them at that moment

humans will human, (and humans are idiots), and they will (likely) continue to human for all eternity, no matter what direction things progress in or what stage of evolution we reach
all we can do is fight where it matters, and ignore the stuff that’s not worth our effort or energy
like Abraham Lincoln once said:

“you can’t argue with stupid, -and the internet is full of stupid”



yes true on the internet are a lot of stupid people just like in the real world
But it makes me sad/angry people cannot accept other people for who they are. (one of my rl friends is transgender and I feel sad if she would read all those remarks)
I cannot understand it. I appreciate the devs had the guts to do it (one of the devs is transgender)


It’s not because they dislike transgenders, they dislike the overbearing and intrusive politics forced into everything.

I took a quick glance into the negative reviews on steam and I only spotted one that mentioned it at all. Most negative reviews seem to have a host of ordinary issues like crashing, bad performance, missing features and dislike for the game’s systems.

Claiming the game is getting negative reviews due bigotry is rather dishonest.


Before I wrote thise there were already 5 neg about the pronouns
If they arent there anymore Valve could have deleted them or they changed it themselves

They are still there even 6 now


I’ve seen a few more further down. People are free to criticise a game for political speech just as much as the creators are free to make it. Some people think that is good reason not to support a project, so suppressing that information is not the right call in my opinion. None of the ones I have seen have been hateful just commenting and expressing their dislike for the politics expressed in this game.

Again dismissing legitimate criticism and painting gamers as bigots is a pretty tired spiel by now, so lets try to see beyond that shall we?


personally i like to blame parents+schools in the sense that “wow, you weren’t raised right, huh?” regarding "no/0 manners"people as i like to them
never understood why people would be “against” something, if it didn’t hurt them
dafuq is there to get upset for me about whether if my neighbour is trans/gay/immigrant/poc/martian/believes in the Great Green Arkleseizure, aslong as my neighbour isn’t bothering me
i mean i don’t like my neighbour…, he’s sorta a mild jerk,
but i highly doubt it’s got anything to do with him being trans/gay/immigrant/poc/martian/believing in the Great Green Arkleseizure -he’s a jerk because he plays loud music with thin apartment walls… :triumph: -can’t really see why i should be upset with him about anything else he is/does besides that :thinking: :man_shrugging:


I don’t understand; isn’t a transgender person someone who self-identifies as a person from the opposite sex? Hence, doesn’t “he” and “she” not cover that too [he becoming she and vice versa]? Also, in my proofreading, I usually replace “he/she” and “he or she” with “they” as that includes both to begin with, but does this mean that certain ppl self-identify as both? I’m genuinely asking here guys, not trolling or whatever.


“they” are for people that identifies in some form of (gender) non-binary -where “he/she” doesn’t apply, thus often prefers “they” (since “it” is usually regarded as somewhat negative/demeaning in such sense)
as far as i understand it


That is a very deep topic that is teeming with a lot of very opinionated and angry people, don’t think this is the right forum for that discussion.


I’m not even stating my opinion here mate, i do have an opinion on the subject but I certainly don’t feel the need to share or argue it…

As I stated, I’m merely trying to understand that one detail better.


Preemptive warning, keep it civil and considerate.


You’re asking for information, but you’re going to get opinions. I don’t mean to say you’ve done anything wrong. But I’d like to steer off the whole thing before it gets blown out of proportion if possible.


k, cool, in any case, thx @Gnuffi for answering the question; that does make it somewhat clearer to me.


np, disclaimer tho, that’s the way i understood it, there might be more/other/deeper reasons there too among any transgender/non-binary person/community that i’m not aware of


Yes you are absolutely right and some prefer they/them before they have completely changed


I think that is wrong and all but I don’t think is the forum to discuss.
As long as it keeps under control it’s fine but I wouldn’t really like politics here


Its wasnt meant to be a political discussion, but giving neg reviews because of it


In any case, I completely agree that that is not what the review system is for; it is meant to judge the game, not the developers’ beliefs or whatever.


Yes I know it hasn’t gotten bad. So far it’s fine
Edit: I do understand that is horrible and that game doesn’t deserve those bad reviews.